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Voss, Rüdiger; Dutz, Jörg (2008): Zooplankton length from bongo net trawls during ALKOR cruise AL237/1. Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research, Warnemünde, PANGAEA,

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Median Latitude: 54.273167 * Median Longitude: 6.539300 * South-bound Latitude: 53.678000 * West-bound Longitude: 4.998167 * North-bound Latitude: 54.669333 * East-bound Longitude: 7.998500
Date/Time Start: 2004-05-08T06:03:00 * Date/Time End: 2004-05-12T17:35:00
Minimum DEPTH, water: 7.5 m * Maximum DEPTH, water: 18.5 m
AL237/1_573-BONGO_2 (NS0007) * Latitude: 54.008500 * Longitude: 7.998500 * Date/Time: 2004-05-08T06:03:00 * Elevation: -31.0 m * Location: North Sea * Campaign: AL237/1 (GG04_04a) * Basis: Alkor (1990) * Device: Bongo net (BONGO)
AL237/1_579-BONGO_8 (NS0047) * Latitude: 53.678000 * Longitude: 5.023833 * Date/Time: 2004-05-08T22:37:00 * Elevation: -30.0 m * Location: North Sea * Campaign: AL237/1 (GG04_04a) * Basis: Alkor (1990) * Device: Bongo net (BONGO)
AL237/1_604-BONGO_33 (NS0031) * Latitude: 54.669333 * Longitude: 7.698333 * Date/Time: 2004-05-11T15:09:00 * Elevation: -20.0 m * Location: North Sea * Campaign: AL237/1 (GG04_04a) * Basis: Alkor (1990) * Device: Bongo net (BONGO)
Mesh size: 150 µm
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1Event labelEvent
5DEPTH, waterDepth watermGeocode
6Sample code/labelSample labelVoss, Rüdiger
7Depth, bathymetricBathy depthmVoss, Rüdiger
8Depth, top/minDepth topmVoss, Rüdiger
9Depth, bottom/maxDepth botmVoss, Rüdiger
10Wire lengthWire lengthmVoss, Rüdigermax
11DurationDurationVoss, Rüdigerof fishing, in min
12Acartia clausi, c1, lengthA. clausi c1 lmmVoss, RüdigerBinocular
13Acartia clausi, c2, lengthA. clausi c2 lmmVoss, RüdigerBinocular
14Acartia clausi, c3, lengthA. clausi c3 lmmVoss, RüdigerBinocular
15Acartia clausi, c4, lengthA. clausi c4 lmmVoss, RüdigerBinocular
16Acartia clausi, c5, lengthA. clausi c5 lmmVoss, RüdigerBinocular
17Acartia clausi, female, lengthA. clausi f lmmVoss, RüdigerBinocular
18Acartia clausi, male, lengthA. clausi m lmmVoss, RüdigerBinocular
19Pseudocalanus spp., c1, lengthPseudocalanus spp. c1 lmmVoss, RüdigerBinocular
20Pseudocalanus spp., c2, lengthPseudocalanus spp. c2 lmmVoss, RüdigerBinocular
21Pseudocalanus spp., c3, lengthPseudocalanus spp. c3 lmmVoss, RüdigerBinocular
22Pseudocalanus spp., c4, lengthPseudocalanus spp. c4 lmmVoss, RüdigerBinocular
23Pseudocalanus spp., c5, lengthPseudocalanus spp. c5 lmmVoss, RüdigerBinocular
24Pseudocalanus spp., female, lengthPseudocalanus spp. f lmmVoss, RüdigerBinocular
25Pseudocalanus spp., male, lengthPseudocalanus spp. m lmmVoss, RüdigerBinocular
26Temora longicornis, c1, lengthT. longicornis c1 lmmVoss, RüdigerBinocular
27Temora longicornis, c2, lengthT. longicornis c2 lmmVoss, RüdigerBinocular
28Temora longicornis, c3, lengthT. longicornis c3 lmmVoss, RüdigerBinocular
29Temora longicornis, c4, lengthT. longicornis c4 lmmVoss, RüdigerBinocular
30Temora longicornis, c5, lengthT. longicornis c5 lmmVoss, RüdigerBinocular
31Temora longicornis, female, lengthT. longicornis f lmmVoss, RüdigerBinocular
32Temora longicornis, male, lengthT. longicornis m lmmVoss, RüdigerBinocular
3383 data points

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