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Weller, Rolf; Lampert, Astrid (2008): Optical properties of aerosols at Neumayer Station, 2004-2006. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Weller, R; Lampert, A (2008): Optical properties and sulfate scattering efficiency of boundary layer aerosol at coastal Neumayer Station, Antarctica. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 113, D16208,

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Latitude: -70.650000 * Longitude: -8.250000
Date/Time Start: 2004-01-01T10:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2006-12-31T10:00:00
Minimum HEIGHT above ground: m * Maximum HEIGHT above ground: m
Neumayer_SPUSO * Latitude: -70.650000 * Longitude: -8.250000 * Date/Time: 1983-01-01T00:00:00 * Elevation: 42.0 m * Location: Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica * Campaign: AWI_stations * Device: Air chemistry observatory (SPUSO)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1HEIGHT above groundHeightmGeocode
3Date/time endDate/time endWeller, Rolf
4Duration, number of daysDurationdaysWeller, Rolf
5Aerosol scattering at 450 nms(450)1/MmWeller, RolfIon chromatography
6Aerosol scattering at 550 nms(550)1/MmWeller, RolfIon chromatography
7Aerosol scattering at 700 nms(700)1/MmWeller, RolfIon chromatography
8Aerosol back-scattering at 450 nmbs(450)1/MmWeller, RolfIon chromatography
9Aerosol back-scattering at 550 nmbs(550)1/MmWeller, RolfIon chromatography
10Aerosol back-scattering at 700 nmbs(700)1/MmWeller, RolfIon chromatography
11Angström exponent between 450 nm and 700 nmalpha(450-700)Weller, RolfIon chromatography
12Aerosol absorption at 550 nmabs(550)1/MmWeller, RolfIon chromatography
13Aerosol number concentrationCP1/cm3Weller, RolfIon chromatography
11741 data points

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