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Ogg, Gabi (1994): (Fig. 11) Distribution of dinoflagellate cysts in Early Cretaceous sediments of DSDP Hole 41-370 in the North Atlantic. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Ogg, G (1994): Dinoflagellate cysts of the Early Cretaceous North Atlantic Ocean. Marine Micropaleontology, 23(3), 241-263,

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Latitude: 32.837500 * Longitude: -10.776000
Date/Time Start: 1975-03-29T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 1975-03-29T00:00:00
Minimum Elevation: -4214.0 m * Maximum Elevation: -4214.0 m
41-370 * Latitude: 32.837500 * Longitude: -10.776000 * Date/Time: 1975-03-29T00:00:00 * Elevation: -4214.0 m * Penetration: 1176.5 m * Recovery: 201.3 m * Location: North Atlantic/BASIN * Campaign: Leg41 * Basis: Glomar Challenger * Device: Drilling/drill rig (DRILL) * Comment: 51 cores; 483 m cored; 0 m drilled; 41.7 % recovery
Species abundance: F = 1-5 %, C = 6-15 %, A = >15 %, - = not present
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1Sample code/labelSample labelOgg, GabiODP sample designation
2EpochEpochOgg, Gabi
3Apteodinium albertiiA. albertiiOgg, Gabi
4Bourkidinium sp.Bourkidinium sp.Ogg, Gabi
5Canningia sp.Canningia sp.Ogg, Gabi
6Canninginopsis colliveriC. colliveriOgg, Gabi
7Chlamydophorella sp.Chlamydophorella sp.Ogg, Gabi
8Chytroeisphaeridia chytroeidesC. chytroeidesOgg, Gabi
9Cleistosphaeridium sp.Cleistosphaeridium sp.Ogg, Gabi
10Cometodinium whiteiC. whiteiOgg, Gabi
11Coronifera oceanicaC. oceanicaOgg, Gabi
12Cribroperidinium granulatumC. granulatumOgg, Gabi
13Cribroperidinium muderongensisC. muderongensisOgg, Gabi
14Cribroperidinium orthocerasC. orthocerasOgg, Gabi
15Cribroperidinium tensiftenseC. tensiftenseOgg, Gabi
16Cribroperidinium sp.Cribroperidinium sp.Ogg, Gabi
17Ctenidodinium elegantulumC. elegantulumOgg, Gabi
18Circulodinium attadalicumC. attadalicumOgg, Gabi
19Circulodinium distinctumC. distinctumOgg, Gabi
20Cyclonephelium paucimarginatumC. paucimarginatumOgg, Gabi
21Diacanthum hollisteriD. hollisteriOgg, Gabi
22Dingodinium albertiiD. albertiiOgg, Gabi
23Druggidium apicopaucicumD. apicopaucicumOgg, Gabi
24Druggidium deflandreiD. deflandreiOgg, Gabi
25Druggidium rhabdoreticulatumD. rhabdoreticulatumOgg, Gabi
26Egmontodinium torynumE. torynumOgg, Gabi
27Escharisphaeridia sp.Escharisphaeridia sp.Ogg, Gabi
28Florentinia radiculataF. radiculataOgg, Gabi
29Fromea grandisF. grandisOgg, Gabi
30Gardodinium trabeculosumG. trabeculosumOgg, Gabi
31Gonyaulacysta cassidataG. cassidataOgg, Gabi
32Gonyaulacysta helicoideaG. helicoideaOgg, Gabi
33Hystrichodinium pulchrumH. pulchrumOgg, Gabi
34Hystrichosphaeridium atlasienseH. atlasienseOgg, Gabi
35Leptodinium sp.Leptodinium sp.Ogg, Gabi
36Lithosphaeridium siphoniphorumL. siphoniphorumOgg, Gabi
37Meiourogonyaulax stoveriM. stoveriOgg, Gabi
38Muderongia neocomicaM. neocomicaOgg, Gabi
39Muderongia simplexM. simplexOgg, Gabi
40Muderongia tetracanthaM. tetracanthaOgg, Gabi
41Occisucysta baliosO. baliosOgg, Gabi
42Occisucysta tentoriaO. tentoriaOgg, Gabi
43Odontochitina operculataO. operculataOgg, Gabi
44Oligosphaeridium complexOligosphaeridium complOgg, Gabi
45Oligosphaeridium dividuumO. dividuumOgg, Gabi
46Oligosphaeridium pulcherrimumO. pulcherrimumOgg, Gabi
47Oligosphaeridium totumO. totumOgg, Gabi
48Palaeoperidinium cretaceumP. cretaceumOgg, Gabi
49Pareodinia sp.Pareodinia sp.Ogg, Gabi
50Prolixosphaeridium granulosumP. granulosumOgg, Gabi
51Prolixosphaeridium parvispinumP. parvispinumOgg, Gabi
52Pseudoceratium eisenackiiP. eisenackiiOgg, Gabi
53Pseudoceratium pelliferumP. pelliferumOgg, Gabi
54Pyxidiella sp.Pyxidiella sp.Ogg, Gabivar. A sensu Habib (1972)
55Rhynchodiniopsis cladophoraP. cladophoraOgg, Gabi
56Rhynchodiniopsis fimbriataR. fimbriataOgg, Gabi
57Rhynchodiniopsis serrataR. serrataOgg, Gabi
58Scriniodinium campanulaS. campanulaOgg, Gabi
59Sentusidinium sp.Sentusidinium sp.Ogg, Gabi
60Sentusidinium verrucosumS. verrucosumOgg, Gabi
61Spinidinium vestitumS. vestitumOgg, Gabi
62Spiniferites spp.Spiniferites spp.Ogg, Gabi
63Subtilisphaera perlucidaS. perlucidaOgg, Gabi
64Tanyosphaeridium sp.Tanyosphaeridium sp.Ogg, Gabi
65Trichodinium sp.Trichodinium sp.Ogg, Gabi
66Wallodinium krutzschiW. krutzschiOgg, Gabi
1122 data points

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