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Barron, John A (1976): (Table I) Occurrence of selected diatom taxa in the eastern part of the Upper Newport Bay stratigraphic section. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Barron, JA (1976): Revised Miocene and Pliocene diatom biostratigraphy of Upper Newport Bay, Newport Beach, California. Marine Micropaleontology, 1, 27-63,

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Latitude: 33.641400 * Longitude: -117.885500
Minimum POINT DISTANCE from start: m * Maximum POINT DISTANCE from start: 195 m
Upper-Newport-Bay * Latitude: 33.641400 * Longitude: -117.885500 * Location: California, USA * Device: Sampling by hand (HAND)
Distance is stratigraphic interval in m. Taxa abundance: A = abundant, C = common, F = few, R = rare * = reworked, - = not present
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1POINT DISTANCE from startDistmGeocode
2Diatom zoneDiatom zoneBarron, John ANorth Pacific diatom zone
3Sample code/labelSample labelBarron, John A
4Actinocyclus ingensA. ingensBarron, John As. ampl.
5Actinoptychus gruendleriA. gruendleriBarron, John A
6Actinoptychus minutusA. minutusBarron, John A
7Actinoptychus vulgaris monicaeA. vulgaris monicaeBarron, John A
8Asteromphalus darwiniiA. darwiniiBarron, John A
9Brunia mirabilisB. mirabilisBarron, John A
10Cladogramma dubiumC. dubiumBarron, John A
11Coscinodiscus cf. confususC. cf. confususBarron, John A
12Coscinodiscus endoiC. endoiBarron, John A
13Coscinodiscus lewisianusC. lewisianusBarron, John A
14Coscinodiscus lineatusC. lineatusBarron, John Avar. leptoporus
15Coscinodiscus plicatusC. plicatusBarron, John As. str.
16Coscinodiscus plicatusC. plicatusBarron, John As. ampl.
17Coscinodiscus plicatusC. plicatusBarron, John Avar. 1
18Coscinodiscus praeyabeiC. praeyabeiBarron, John A
19Coscinodiscus symbolophorusC. symbolophorusBarron, John A
20Coscinodiscus cf. temperiC. cf. temperiBarron, John A
21Coscinodiscus yabeiC. yabeiBarron, John A
22Cosmiodiscus elegansC. elegansBarron, John A
23Craspedodiscus coscinodiscusC. coscinodiscusBarron, John A
24Craspedodiscus rhombicusC. rhombicusBarron, John A
25Cymatogonia amblyocerasC. amblyocerasBarron, John A
26Denticula dimorphaD. dimorphaBarron, John A
27Denticula hustedtiiD. hustedtiiBarron, John A
28Denticula hustedtiiD. hustedtiiBarron, John Avar. 1
29Denticula lautaD. lautaBarron, John A
30Denticula nicobaricaD. nicobaricaBarron, John A
31Denticula punctataD. punctataBarron, John A
32Eupodiscus californicusE. californicusBarron, John A
33Hemiaulus biponsH. biponsBarron, John A
34Hemiaulus polymorphusH. polymorphusBarron, John A
35Hemidiscus cuneiformisH. cuneiformisBarron, John As. ampl.
36Lithodesmium californicumL. californicumBarron, John A
37Lithodesmium minusculumL. minusculumBarron, John A
38Lithodesmium reynoldsiiL. reynoldsiiBarron, John A
39Mediaria splendidaM. splendidaBarron, John A
40Nitzschia cf. invisaN. cf. invisaBarron, John A
41Nitzschia praereinholdiiN. praereinholdiiBarron, John A
42Nitzschia cf. rolandiiN. cf. rolandiiBarron, John A
43Pterotheca subulataP. subulataBarron, John A
44Raphidodiscus marylandicusR. marylandicusBarron, John A
45Rhabdonema biquadratumR. biquadratumBarron, John A
46Rhaphoneis miocenicaR. miocenicaBarron, John A
47Rhaphoneis cf. parilisR. cf. parilisBarron, John A
48Rhizosolenia barboiR. barboiBarron, John A
49Rhizosolenia miocenicaR. miocenicaBarron, John A
50Rhizosolenia praebarboiR. praebarboiBarron, John A
51Rouxia californicaR. californicaBarron, John A
52Rouxia diploneidesR. diploneidesBarron, John A
53Rouxia fusiformisR. fusiformisBarron, John A
54Rouxia naviculoidesR. naviculoidesBarron, John A
55Rouxia peragalliR. peragalliBarron, John A
56Rouxia yabeiR. yabeiBarron, John A
57Sceptroneis caduceaS. caduceaBarron, John A
58Stephanopyxis coronaS. coronaBarron, John A
59Stephanopyxis lineatusS. lineatusBarron, John A
60Stephanopyxis schenckiiS. schenckiiBarron, John A
61Stephanopyxis spinosissimaS. spinosissimaBarron, John A
62Synedra jouseanaS. jouseanaBarron, John A
63Thalassiosira eccentricaT. eccentricaBarron, John A
64Thalassiosira lineataT. lineataBarron, John A
65Thalassiosira sp.Thalassiosira sp.Barron, John Avar. 1
66Thalassiosira sp.Thalassiosira sp.Barron, John Avar. 2
67Thalassiothrix miocenicaT. miocenicaBarron, John A
68Trachyspheria sp.Trachyspheria sp.Barron, John Aquestionable
69Triceratium condecorumT. condecorumBarron, John A
2176 data points

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