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Georgopoulos, Dimitrios; Zervakis, Vassilis (2008): Physical oceanography at CTD site SEPTEMBER-1998-IR14. Hellenic Center of Marine Research, Institut of Oceanography, Greece, PANGAEA,

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Invest. of new marine biol. resources in deep waters of Ionian and Aegean Seas (INTERREG)
Latitude: 40.650000 * Longitude: 25.200000
Date/Time Start: 1998-09-06T22:10:00 * Date/Time End: 1998-09-06T22:10:00
Minimum DEPTH, water: m * Maximum DEPTH, water: 105 m
SEPT-1998-IR14 * Latitude: 40.650000 * Longitude: 25.200000 * Date/Time: 1998-09-06T22:10:00 * Campaign: SEPT-1998 * Basis: Aegaeo * Device: CTD/Rosette (CTD-RO)
The 911plus, consisting of the 9plus underwater CTD and 11plus V2 Deck Unit, is a premium real-time CTD accurate to the highest international standards. It features high resolution sampling (24 Hz), pump-controlled T-C ducted flow, up to 10500 meter (15,000 psia) depth capability, maximum auxiliary sensor flexibility, and modem channel for Water Sampler control. The 911plus has eight 12-bit A/D channels, and supports redundant C&T sensors or custom auxiliary digital inputs.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1DEPTH, waterDepth watermGeocode
2Pressure, waterPressdbarGeorgopoulos, DimitriosCTD, SEA-BIRD SBE 911plus
3Temperature, waterTemp°CGeorgopoulos, DimitriosCTD, SEA-BIRD SBE 911plus
4SalinitySalGeorgopoulos, DimitriosCTD, SEA-BIRD SBE 911plus
315 data points

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