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Hollis, Christopher J (2002): (Table 1) Occurrence of radiolarians in the Paleocene of ODP Hole 181-1121B off eastern New Zealand. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Hollis, CJ (2002): Biostratigraphy and paleoceanographic significance of Paleocene radiolarians from offshore eastern New Zealand. Marine Micropaleontology, 46(3-4), 265-316,

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Latitude: -50.897930 * Longitude: 176.997700
Date/Time Start: 1998-09-02T15:55:00 * Date/Time End: 1998-09-04T10:45:00
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 34.8 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 134.0 m
181-1121B * Latitude: -50.897930 * Longitude: 176.997700 * Date/Time Start: 1998-09-02T15:55:00 * Date/Time End: 1998-09-04T10:45:00 * Elevation: -4487.9 m * Penetration: 139.7 m * Recovery: 87.86 m * Location: South Pacific Ocean * Campaign: Leg181 * Basis: Joides Resolution * Device: Drilling/drill rig (DRILL) * Comment: 17 cores; 139.7 m cored; 0 m drilled; 62.9 % recovery
+ = very rare (1-2 specimens per slide), R = rare (3-10), F = few (11-50), C = common (>50), - = absent
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmGeocode
2Sample code/labelSample labelHollis, Christopher JODP sample designation
3EpochEpochHollis, Christopher J
4Nannofossil zoneNannos zoneHollis, Christopher J
5Radiolarian zoneRadiolarian zoneHollis, Christopher J
6Radiolarians abundanceRad abundHollis, Christopher J
7Radiolarian preservationRad preservHollis, Christopher J
8SpumellariaSpumellariaHollis, Christopher J
9Actinommidae indeterminataActinommidae indetHollis, Christopher J
10Amphisphaera spp.Amphisphaera spp.Hollis, Christopher J
11Amphisphaera coronataA. coronataHollis, Christopher Jgroup
12Amphisphaera gorunaA. gorunaHollis, Christopher J
13Amphisphaera kinaA. kinaHollis, Christopher J
14Amphisphaera macrosphaeraA. macrosphaeraHollis, Christopher J
15Amphisphaera aff. magnaporulosaA. aff. magnaporulosaHollis, Christopher J
16Axoprunum aff. bispiculumA. aff. bispiculumHollis, Christopher Jgenus questionable
17Axoprunum pierinaeA. pierinaeHollis, Christopher Jgroup
18Diploplegma aff. somphumD. aff. somphumHollis, Christopher J
19Entapium sp.Entapium sp.Hollis, Christopher Jvar. A
20Lithomespilus coronatusL. coronatusHollis, Christopher J
21Stylosphaera minorS. minorHollis, Christopher J
22Stylosphaera pusillaS. pusillaHollis, Christopher J
23Phacodiscidae indeterminataPhacodiscidae indetHollis, Christopher J
24Heliodiscus sp.Heliodiscus sp.Hollis, Christopher J
25Periphaena heliasteriscusP. heliasteriscusHollis, Christopher J
26Phacostaurus quadratusP. quadratusHollis, Christopher Jgenuis questionable
27Saturnalidae indeterminataSaturnalidae indetHollis, Christopher J
28Saturnalis kennettiS. kennettiHollis, Christopher J
29Pylonidae indeterminataPylonidae indetHollis, Christopher J
30Palaeotetrapyle muelleriP. muelleriHollis, Christopher J
31Peritiviator dumitricaiP. dumitricaiHollis, Christopher Jgenus questionable
32Litheliidae indeterminataLitheliidae indetHollis, Christopher J
33Lithelius aff. foremanaeL. aff. foremanaeHollis, Christopher J
34Lithelius minorL. minorHollis, Christopher Jgroup
35Sponguridae indeterminataSponguridae indetHollis, Christopher J
36Prunopyle adelostomaP. adelostomaHollis, Christopher J
37Prunopyle occidentalisP. occidentalisHollis, Christopher J
38Spongurus bilobatusS. bilobatusHollis, Christopher J
39Spongodiscidae indeterminataSpongodiscidae indetHollis, Christopher J
40Orbiculiforma renillaeformisO. renillaeformisHollis, Christopher Jgroup
41Rhopalastrum sp.Rhopalastrum sp.Hollis, Christopher Jgenus questionable
42Spongodiscus alveatusS. alveatusHollis, Christopher J
43Spongodiscus spp.Spongodiscus spp.Hollis, Christopher J
44Spongopyle sanfilippoaeS. sanfilippoaeHollis, Christopher J
45Porodiscidae indeterminataPorodiscidae indetHollis, Christopher J
46Plectodiscus circularisP. circularisHollis, Christopher J
47Stylodictya rosellaS. rosellaHollis, Christopher J
48Stylodictya cf. targaeformisS. cf. targaeformisHollis, Christopher J
49Tholodiscus cf. ocellatusT. cf. ocellatusHollis, Christopher J
50Tholodiscus splendensT. splendensHollis, Christopher J
51Nassellaria indeterminataNassellaria indetHollis, Christopher J
52Trissocyclidae indeterminataTrissocyclidae indetHollis, Christopher J
53PlagiacanthidaePlagiacanthidaeHollis, Christopher J
54Acanthocorys sp.Acanthocorys sp.Hollis, Christopher J
55Ceratocyrtis spp.Ceratocyrtis spp.Hollis, Christopher J
56Cladoscenium aff. fulcratumC. aff. fulcratumHollis, Christopher J
57Corythomelissa aduncaC. aduncaHollis, Christopher J
58Corythomelissa spp.Corythomelissa spp.Hollis, Christopher J
59Lithomelissa spp.Lithomelissa spp.Hollis, Christopher J
60Lithomelissa aitaiL. aitaiHollis, Christopher Jgenus questionable
61Lophophaena mugaicaL. mugaicaHollis, Christopher J
62Lophophaena sp.Lophophaena sp.Hollis, Christopher J
63Psilomelissa sp.Psilomelissa sp.Hollis, Christopher Jvar. A, genus questionable
64CannobotryidaeCannobotryidaeHollis, Christopher J
65Eribotrys johnsoniE. johnsoniHollis, Christopher J
66Artostrobiidae indeterminataArtostrobiidae indetHollis, Christopher J
67Buryella dumitricaiB. dumitricaiHollis, Christopher J
68Buryella foremanaeB. foremanaeHollis, Christopher J
69Buryella aff. foremanaeB. aff. foremanaeHollis, Christopher J
70Buryella granulataB. granulataHollis, Christopher J
71Buryella helenaeB. helenaeHollis, Christopher J
72Buryella pentadicaB. pentadicaHollis, Christopher J
73Buryella petrushevskayaeB. petrushevskayaeHollis, Christopher J
74Buryella tetradica tetradicaB. tetradica tetradicaHollis, Christopher J
75Buryella tetradica tridicaB. tetradica tridicaHollis, Christopher J
76Buryella spp.Buryella spp.Hollis, Christopher J
77Buryella insensisB. insensisHollis, Christopher Jgenus questionable
78Siphocampe bassilisS. bassilisHollis, Christopher J
79Siphocampe nodosariaS. nodosariaHollis, Christopher J
80Siphocampe quadrataS. quadrataHollis, Christopher J
81Spirocyrtis aff. greeniS. aff. greeniHollis, Christopher Jgenus questionable
82Spirocyrtis aff. gyroscalarisS. aff. gyroscalarisHollis, Christopher Jgenus questionable
83Neosciadiocapsa gyrusN. gyrusHollis, Christopher Jgenus questionable
84Amphipternis alamedaensisA. alamedaensisHollis, Christopher J
85Amphipyndax stockiA. stockiHollis, Christopher J
86Archaeodictyomitridae indeterminataArchaeodictyomitridae indetHollis, Christopher J
87Archaeodictyomitra lamellicostataA. lamellicostataHollis, Christopher J
88Dictyomitra andersoniD. andersoniHollis, Christopher J
89Mita reginaM. reginaHollis, Christopher J
90Acropyramididae indeterminataAcropyramididae indetHollis, Christopher J
91Bathropyramis magnificaB. magnificaHollis, Christopher Js.l.
92Cornutella californicaC. californicaHollis, Christopher J
93Eucyrtidiidae indeterminataEucyrtidiidae indetHollis, Christopher J
94Anthocyrtis aff. mespilusA. aff. mespilusHollis, Christopher Jgenus questionable
95Aspis murusA. murusHollis, Christopher J
96Aspis velutochlamydosaurusA. velutochlamydosaurusHollis, Christopher J
97Aspis sp.Aspis sp.Hollis, Christopher Jvar. A n.sp.
98Calocyclas sp.Calocyclas sp.Hollis, Christopher Jgenus questionable
99Cassideus aff. mariaeC. aff. mariaeHollis, Christopher J
100Clathrocyclas australisC. australisHollis, Christopher J
101Clathrocyclas sp.Clathrocyclas sp.Hollis, Christopher Jgenus questionable
102Cycladophora cf. bicornisC. cf. bicornisHollis, Christopher J
103Cycladophora aff. cosmaC. aff. cosmaHollis, Christopher J
104Cycladophora aff. pseudoadvenaC. aff. pseudoadvenaHollis, Christopher J
105Cycladophora spp.Cycladophora spp.Hollis, Christopher J
106Eucyrtidium sp.Eucyrtidium sp.Hollis, Christopher J
107Eurystomoskevos petrushevskayaaeE. petrushevskayaaeHollis, Christopher J
108Eurystomoskevos sp.Eurystomoskevos sp.Hollis, Christopher Jvar. A, genus questionable
109Eusyringium woodsidensisE. woodsidensisHollis, Christopher Jgenus questionable
110Lithocampe wharanuiL. wharanuiHollis, Christopher J
111Lithostrobus longusL. longusHollis, Christopher J
112Lithostrobus cf. longusL. cf. longusHollis, Christopher J
113Phormocyrtis striata praexquisitaP. striata praexquisHollis, Christopher J
114Pterocodon poculumP. poculumHollis, Christopher J
115Pterocodon lexP. lexHollis, Christopher Jgenus questionable
116Pterocodon aff. tenellusP. aff. tenellusHollis, Christopher Jgenus questionable
117Stichomitra bertrandiS. bertrandiHollis, Christopher J
118Stichomitra carnegienseS. carnegienseHollis, Christopher J
119Sticholagena sp.Sticholagena sp.Hollis, Christopher Jgenus questionable
120Theocapsomma amphoraT. amphoraHollis, Christopher J
121Theocorys aff. phyzellaT. aff. phyzellaHollis, Christopher Jgenus questionable
122Triacartus sp.Triacartus sp.Hollis, Christopher Jvar. A, genus questionable
123Lychnocaniidae indeterminataLychnocaniidae indetHollis, Christopher J
124Dictyophimus aff. borisenkoiD. aff. borisenkoiHollis, Christopher J
125Dictyophimus aff. campanaD. aff. campanaHollis, Christopher J
126Dictyophimus cf. constrictusD. cf. constrictusHollis, Christopher J
127Dictyophimus spp.Dictyophimus spp.Hollis, Christopher J
128Dictyophimus okadaiD. okadaiHollis, Christopher Jgenus questionable
129Lychnocanium spp.Lychnocanium spp.Hollis, Christopher J
130Lychnocanium satellesL. satellesHollis, Christopher J
131Pterocyrtidium praebarbadenseP. praebarbadenseHollis, Christopher J
132Pteropilium sp.Pteropilium sp.Hollis, Christopher Jgenus questionable
133Sethochytris babylonis groupS. babylonis grHollis, Christopher J
3960 data points

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