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Kuhnt, Wolfgang; Kaminski, Michael A; Moullade, Michel (1989): Distribution of Upper Cretaceous deep water agglutinated foraminifera in sediments of the North Atlantic and its marginal seas (Tab. 1). PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Kuhnt, W et al. (1989): Late Cretaceous deep-water agglutinated foraminiferal assemblages from the North Atlantic and its marginal seas. Geologische Rundschau, 78(3), 1121-1140,

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The stratigraphic and biogeographic distribution of more than 170 species of deep-water agglutinated benthic foraminifers (DWAF) from the North Atlantic and adjacent marginal seas has been compared with paleoenvironmental data (e.g. paleobathymetry, oxygenation of the bottom waters, amount of terrigenous input and substrate disturbance). Six general types of assemblages, in which deep water agglutinated taxa occur, are defined from the Turonian to Maastrichtian times:
1. High latitude slope assemblages
2. Low to mid latitude slope assemblages
3. Flysch-type assemblages
4. Deep water limestone assemblages (,,Scaglia,,-type)
5. Abyssal mixed calcareous-agglutinated assemblages
6. Abyssal purely agglutinated assemblages
Latitudinal differences in faunal composition are observed, the most important of which is the lack or extreme paucity of calcareous forms in high latitude assemblages. East-to-west differences appear to be of comparatively minor importance. Most DWAF species occur in all studied regions and are thus considered as cosmopolitan. Biostratigraphic turnovers in the taxonomic content of assemblages are observed in the lowermost Turonian, mid-Campanian and in the upper Maastrichtian to lowermost Paleocene. These datum levels correspond to inter-regional and time-constant paleooceanographic events, which probably also affected the deep-water benthic biota. This allows us to use deep-water agglutinated foraminifers for biostratigraphy in the North Atlantic sequences deposited below CCD and to geographically extend the currently used zonal schemes which have been established in the Carpathian and Alpine areas.
Median Latitude: 30.707950 * Median Longitude: -25.571721 * South-bound Latitude: 10.800000 * West-bound Longitude: -70.028500 * North-bound Latitude: 54.450000 * East-bound Longitude: 12.580000
Date/Time Start: 1970-10-20T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 1985-06-10T14:30:00
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 0.00 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 1069.50 m
103-641A * Latitude: 42.155000 * Longitude: -12.181700 * Date/Time Start: 1985-06-08T03:30:00 * Date/Time End: 1985-06-10T14:30:00 * Elevation: -4646.0 m * Penetration: 63.6 m * Recovery: 40.37 m * Location: North Atlantic Ocean * Campaign: Leg103 * Basis: Joides Resolution * Device: Drilling/drill rig (DRILL) * Comment: 7 cores; 63.6 m cored; 0 m drilled; 63.5 % recovery
14-137 * Latitude: 25.925500 * Longitude: -27.060700 * Date/Time: 1970-10-20T00:00:00 * Elevation: -5361.0 m * Penetration: 401 m * Recovery: 69.1 m * Location: North Atlantic/HILL * Campaign: Leg14 * Basis: Glomar Challenger * Device: Drilling/drill rig (DRILL) * Comment: 16 cores; 127 m cored; 9 m drilled; 54.4 % recovery
14-141 * Latitude: 19.419300 * Longitude: -23.998500 * Date/Time: 1970-11-05T00:00:00 * Elevation: -4148.0 m * Penetration: 298 m * Recovery: 72.3 m * Location: North Atlantic/DIAPIR * Campaign: Leg14 * Basis: Glomar Challenger * Device: Drilling/drill rig (DRILL) * Comment: 10 cores; 81 m cored; 0 m drilled; 89.3 % recovery
Positions for the non-DSDP/ODP sites are a rough estimation, sampling depth is unknown.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1Event labelEvent
2Latitude of eventLatitude
3Longitude of eventLongitude
4DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmGeocode
5Depth, top/minDepth topmKuhnt, Wolfgang
6Depth, bottom/maxDepth botmKuhnt, Wolfgang
7EpochEpochKuhnt, Wolfgang
8Sample commentSample commentKuhnt, Wolfgang
9Ammobaculites agglutinansA. agglutinansKuhnt, Wolfgang
10Ammobaculites aubertaeA. aubertaeKuhnt, Wolfgang
11Ammobaculites jarvisiA. jarvisiKuhnt, Wolfgang
12Ammobaculites sp.Ammobaculites sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 3
13Ammobaculites sp.Ammobaculites sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 4
14Ammodiscus asperellusA. asperellusKuhnt, Wolfgang
15Ammodiscus cretaceusA. cretaceusKuhnt, Wolfgang
16Ammodiscus glabratusA. glabratusKuhnt, Wolfgang
17Ammodiscus infimusA. infimusKuhnt, Wolfgang
18Ammodiscus pennyiA. pennyiKuhnt, Wolfgang
19Ammodiscus cf. pennyiA. cf. pennyiKuhnt, Wolfgang
20Ammodiscus peruvianusA. peruvianusKuhnt, Wolfgang
21Ammodiscus planusA. planusKuhnt, Wolfgang
22Ammodiscus sp.Ammodiscus sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 1
23Ammolagena clavataA. clavataKuhnt, Wolfgang
24Ammosphaeroidina pseudopauciloculataA. pseudopauciloculataKuhnt, Wolfgang
25Arenobulimina dorbignyiA. dorbignyiKuhnt, Wolfgang
26Aschemonella carpathicaA. carpathicaKuhnt, Wolfgang
27Aschemonella ex. gr. A. grandisA. ex. gr. A. grandisKuhnt, Wolfgang
28Bathysiphon spp.Bathysiphon spp.Kuhnt, Wolfgang
29Bolivinopsis parvissimusB. parvissimusKuhnt, Wolfgang
30Budashevaella trinitatensisB. trinitatensisKuhnt, Wolfgang
31Clavulinoides asperaC. asperaKuhnt, Wolfgang
32Clavulinoides eggeriC. eggeriKuhnt, Wolfgang
33Clavulinoides subparisiensisC. subparisiensisKuhnt, Wolfgang
34Cribrostomoides sp.Cribrostomoides sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 1
35Cribrostomoides trinitatensisC. trinitatensisKuhnt, Wolfgang
36Dendrophyra ex. gr. D. exceisaD. ex. gr. D. exceisaKuhnt, Wolfgang
37Dendrophyra latissimaD. latissimaKuhnt, Wolfgang
38Dorothia crassa trochoidesD. crassa trochoidesKuhnt, Wolfgang
39Dorothia oxyconaD. oxyconaKuhnt, Wolfgang
40Dorothia retusaD. retusaKuhnt, Wolfgang
41Dorothia sp.Dorothia sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 1 (coarse)
42Gaudryina ex. gr. G. cretaceaG. ex. gr. G. cretaceaKuhnt, Wolfgang
43Gaudryina pyramidataG. pyramidataKuhnt, Wolfgang
44Gaudryina sp.Gaudryina sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 1
45Glomospira charoidesG. charoidesKuhnt, Wolfgang
46Glomospira diffundensG. diffundensKuhnt, Wolfgang
47Glomospira gordialisG. gordialisKuhnt, Wolfgang
48Glomospira irregularisG. irregularisKuhnt, Wolfgang
49Glomospira serpensG. serpensKuhnt, Wolfgang
50Glomospirella gaultinaG. gaultinaKuhnt, Wolfgang
51Glomospirella grzybowskiiG. grzybowskiiKuhnt, Wolfgang
52Goesella rugosaG. rugosaKuhnt, Wolfgang
53Haplophragmium problematicusH. problematicusKuhnt, Wolfgang
54Haplophragmoides bulloidesH. bulloidesKuhnt, Wolfgang
55Haplophragmoides cf. concavusH. cf. concavusKuhnt, Wolfgang
56Haplophragmoides eggeriH. eggeriKuhnt, Wolfgang
57Haplophragmoides fraudulentusH. fraudulentusKuhnt, Wolfgang
58Haplophragmoides cf. glabraH. cf. glabraKuhnt, Wolfgang
59Haplophragmoides horridusH. horridusKuhnt, Wolfgang
60Haplophragmoides kirkiH. kirkiKuhnt, Wolfgang
61Haplophragmoides cf. kirkiH. cf. kirkiKuhnt, Wolfgang
62Haplophragmoides menitensH. menitensKuhnt, Wolfgang
63Haplophragmoides multicamerusH. multicamerusKuhnt, Wolfgang
64Haplophragmoides multiformisH. multiformisKuhnt, Wolfgang
65Haplophragmoides perexplicatusH. perexplicatusKuhnt, Wolfgangs.l.
66Haplophragmoides pseudokirkiH. pseudokirkiKuhnt, Wolfgang
67Haplophragmoides retroseptusH. retroseptusKuhnt, Wolfgang
68Haplophragmoides sp.Haplophragmoides sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 1
69Haplophragmoides ex. gr. H. suborbicularisH. ex. gr. H. suborbicularisKuhnt, Wolfgang
70Haplophragmoides cf. walteriH. cf. walteriKuhnt, Wolfgang
71Hormosina crassaH. crassaKuhnt, Wolfgang
72Hormosina excelsaH. excelsaKuhnt, Wolfgang
73Hormosina giganteaH. giganteaKuhnt, Wolfgang
74Hormosina ovuloidesH. ovuloidesKuhnt, Wolfgang
75Hormosina ovulumH. ovulumKuhnt, Wolfgang
76Hormosina trinitatensisH. trinitatensisKuhnt, Wolfgang
77Hormosina velascoensisH. velascoensisKuhnt, Wolfgang
78Hormosinella distansH. distansKuhnt, Wolfgang
79Hormosinella sp.Hormosinella sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 141
80Hyperammina dilatataH. dilatataKuhnt, Wolfgang
81Hyperammina elongataH. elongataKuhnt, Wolfgang
82Hyperammina subdiscretaH. subdiscretaKuhnt, Wolfgang
83Kalamopsis dubiaK. dubiaKuhnt, Wolfgang
84Kalamopsis grzybowskiiK. grzybowskiiKuhnt, Wolfgang
85Karreriella conversaK. conversaKuhnt, Wolfgang
86Karreriella horridaK. horridaKuhnt, Wolfgang
87Labrospira inflataL. inflataKuhnt, Wolfgang
88Labrospira pacificaL. pacificaKuhnt, Wolfgang
89Labrospira sp.Labrospira sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 1
90Lagenammina sp.Lagenammina sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 1
91Lituotuba lituiformisL. lituiformisKuhnt, Wolfgang
92Matanzia variansM. variansKuhnt, Wolfgang
93Paratrochamminoides acervulatusP. acervulatusKuhnt, Wolfgang
94Paratrochamminoides heteromorphusP. heteromorphusKuhnt, Wolfgang
95Paratrochamminoides intricatusP. intricatusKuhnt, Wolfgangs.l.
96Paratrochamminoides irregularisP. irregularisKuhnt, Wolfgang
97Paratrochamminoides semipellucidusP. semipellucidusKuhnt, Wolfgang
98Paratrochamminoides sp.Paratrochamminoides sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 1
99Paratrochamminoides sp.Paratrochamminoides sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 2
100Paratrochamminoides sp.Paratrochamminoides sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 3
101Paratrochamminoides spp.Paratrochamminoides spp.Kuhnt, Wolfgang
102Phenacophragma elegansP. elegansKuhnt, Wolfgang
103Recurvoides spp.Recurvoides spp.Kuhnt, WolfgangPlectorecurvoides / Recurvoides spp.
104Plectorecurvoides parvusP. parvusKuhnt, Wolfgang
105Plectorecurvoides rotundusP. rotundusKuhnt, Wolfgang
106Praecystammina globigerinaeformisP. globigerinaeformisKuhnt, Wolfgang
107Praecystammina cf. globigeriniformisP. cf. globigeriniformisKuhnt, Wolfganggenus questionable
108Psammosphaera fuscaP. fuscaKuhnt, Wolfgang
109Psammosphaera scruposaP. scruposaKuhnt, Wolfgang
110Pseudobolivina cuneataP. cuneataKuhnt, Wolfgang
111Pseudobolivina lagenariaP. lagenariaKuhnt, Wolfgang
112Pseudobolivina mundaP. mundaKuhnt, Wolfgang
113Pseudobolivina sp.Pseudobolivina sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 1
114Pseudobolivina sp.Pseudobolivina sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 2
115Pseudobolivina sp.Pseudobolivina sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 3
116Pseudobolivina sp.Pseudobolivina sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 4
117Pseudobolivina spp.Pseudobolivina spp.Kuhnt, Wolfgang
118Recurvoides anormisR. anormisKuhnt, Wolfgang
119Recurvoides deflexiformisR. deflexiformisKuhnt, Wolfgang
120Recurvoides gerochiR. gerochiKuhnt, Wolfgang
121Recurvoides cf. subturbinatusR. cf. subturbinatusKuhnt, Wolfgang
122Recurvoides walteriR. walteriKuhnt, Wolfgang
123Reophax aff. dentaliniformisR. aff. dentaliniformisKuhnt, Wolfgang
124Reophax duplexR. duplexKuhnt, Wolfgang
125Reophax globosusR. globosusKuhnt, Wolfgang
126Reophax piluliferR. piluliferKuhnt, Wolfgang
127Reophax sp.Reophax sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 2
128Reophax sp.Reophax sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 3
129Reophax sp.Reophax sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 4
130Reophax sp.Reophax sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 5
131Reophax subfusiformisR. subfusiformisKuhnt, Wolfgang
132Reophax cf. subnodulosusR. cf. subnodulosusKuhnt, Wolfgang
133Rhabdammina spp.Rhabdammina spp.Kuhnt, Wolfgang
134Rhizammina cf. algaeformisR. cf. algaeformisKuhnt, Wolfgang
135Rhizammina grzybowskiiR. grzybowskiiKuhnt, Wolfgang
136Rhizammina indivisaR. indivisaKuhnt, Wolfgang
137Rzehakina epigonaR. epigonaKuhnt, Wolfgang
138Rzehakina fissistomataR. fissistomataKuhnt, Wolfgang
139Rzehakina inclusaR. inclusaKuhnt, Wolfgang
140Rzehakina minimaR. minimaKuhnt, Wolfgang
141Saccammina grzybowskiiS. grzybowskiiKuhnt, Wolfgang
142Saccammina placentaS. placentaKuhnt, Wolfgang
143Saccammina cf. placentaS. cf. placentaKuhnt, Wolfgang
144Saccammina sphaericaS. sphaericaKuhnt, Wolfgang
145Saccorhiza ramosaS. ramosaKuhnt, Wolfgang
146Silicosigmoilina perplexaS. perplexaKuhnt, Wolfgang
147Sphaerammina gerochiS. gerochiKuhnt, Wolfgang
148Spiroplectammina aff. dentataS. aff. dentataKuhnt, Wolfgang
149Spiroplectammina israelskyiS. israelskyiKuhnt, Wolfgang
150Spiroplectammina cf. israelskyiS. cf. israelskyiKuhnt, Wolfgang
151Spiroplectammina laevisS. laevisKuhnt, Wolfgang
152Spiroplectammina navarroanaS. navarroanaKuhnt, Wolfgang
153Spiroplectammina aff. spectabilisS. aff. spectabilisKuhnt, Wolfgang
154Spiroplectammina subhaeringensisS. subhaeringensisKuhnt, Wolfgang
155Spiroplectammina sp.Spiroplectammina sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 1, questionable
156Subreophax guttiferS. guttiferKuhnt, Wolfgang
157Subreophax pseudoscalarisS. pseudoscalarisKuhnt, Wolfgang
158Subreophax scalarisS. scalarisKuhnt, Wolfgang
159Subreophax sp.Subreophax sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 1
160Subreophax splendidusS. splendidusKuhnt, Wolfgang
161Thurammina sp.Thurammina sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 1
162Tolypammina sp.Tolypammina sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 1
163Tolypammina sp.Tolypammina sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 2
164Tolypammina sp.Tolypammina sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 3
165Trochammina altiformisT. altiformisKuhnt, Wolfgang
166Trochammina bulloidiformisT. bulloidiformisKuhnt, Wolfgang
167Trochammina deformisT. deformisKuhnt, Wolfgang
168Trochammina ex gr. T. globigeriniformisT. ex gr. T. globigeriniformisKuhnt, Wolfgang
169Trochammina gyroidinaeformisT. gyroidinaeformisKuhnt, Wolfgang
170Trochammina sp.Trochammina sp.Kuhnt, Wolfgangvar. 1
171Trochammina spp.Trochammina spp.Kuhnt, Wolfgang
172Trochamminoides dubiusT. dubiusKuhnt, Wolfgang
173Trochamminoides cf. dubiusT. cf. dubiusKuhnt, Wolfgang
174Trochamminoides proteusT. proteusKuhnt, Wolfgang
175Trochamminoides cf. proteusT. cf. proteusKuhnt, Wolfgang
176Trochamminoides subcoronatusT. subcoronatusKuhnt, Wolfgang
177Turritellella shoneanaT. shoneanaKuhnt, Wolfgang
178Uvigerinammina jankoiU. jankoiKuhnt, Wolfgang
179Verneuilina cretaceaV. cretaceaKuhnt, Wolfgang
180Verneuilinoides polystrophusV. polystrophusKuhnt, Wolfgang
878 data points

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