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Bolomey, A (2001): Occurrence of mammalia relicts at site Lespezi-Lutarie [dataset]. PANGAEA,

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Gravettian; Late Pleistocene; Pleistocene; Pleistocene; Pleniglacial; Quarternary; Weichselian
Related to:
Bitiri-Ciortescu, M; et al. (1989): Paleoliticul din sectorul subcarpatic al Bistritei in lumina cercetarilor de la Lespezi-Bacu. Carpica, 20, 7-52
Bolomey, A (1989): Consideratii asupra resturilor de Mamifere din statiunea grtvetiana de la Lespezi-Ltarie (Jud. Bacau). Carpica, 20, 271-296
Latitude: 46.673000 * Longitude: 26.751670
Minimum Elevation: 55.0 m * Maximum Elevation: 55.0 m
Lespezi-Lutarie * Latitude: 46.673000 * Longitude: 26.751670 * Elevation: 55.0 m * Comment: Bacau, on the right bank of river Bistrita, flanked by the Eastern Carpathians
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1StratigraphyStratigraphyCounting, mammalia
2Age, minimum/youngAge minkaAge, 14C conventional
3Age, maximum/oldAge maxkaAge, 14C conventional
4Geologic age nameGeol age
5Age, culturalCult age
6Facies name/codeFacies
7Sample commentSample comment
8Lepus sp.Lepus sp.Counting, mammalia
9Marmota sp.Marmota sp.Counting, mammalia
10Castor fiberC. fiberCounting, mammalia
11Canis lupusC. lupusCounting, mammalia
12Gulo guloG. guloCounting, mammalia
13Mammuthus primigeniusM. primigeniusCounting, mammalia
14Equus sp.Equus sp.Counting, mammalia
15Coelodonta antiquitatisC. antiquitatisCounting, mammalia
16CervidaeCervidaeCounting, mammalia
17Alces alcesA. alcesCounting, mammalia
18Rangifer tarandusR. tarandusCounting, mammalia
19Bison priscusB. priscusCounting, mammalia
20Bos vel BisonB. vel BisonCounting, mammalia
63 data points

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