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Aaris-Sørensen, Kim (1995): Occurrence of mammalia relicts at site Nörre-Lyngby. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Aaris-Sørensen, K (1995): Palaeoecology of a late Weichselian vertebrate fauna from Nörre Lyngby, Denmark. Boreas, 24(4), 355-365,

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Investigations at a Late Weichselian freshwater basin in northwestern Jutland, Denmark, yielded a fairly rich assemblage of vertebrate remains, mostly bones and teeth of small mammals. The remains are primarily allochthonous and the bones have been subjected to different taphonomic pathways and agents. AMS 14C-dates on terrestrial organic remains provided ages of Middle to Late Allerød time. Identifications revealed the first fossil record in Scandinavia of Rana arvalis, Sorex minutus, Ochotona cf. pusilla, Microtus gregalis, Microtus oeconomus, and Sicista cf. betulinu. Spermophilus cf. major and Desmana moschata, previously found only once and twice respectively, were retrieved, and Sorex araneus and Arvicola terrestris were recovered for the first time beyond the Atlantic chronozone. Ecologically, the Nørre Lyngby small mammal fauna can be characterized by its very high and almost equal proportions of boreal forest and steppe elements followed by a relatively high proportion of tundra elements. The fossil species share a modern area of sympatry north of the Caspian Sea from the river Volga in the west to the southern and western slopes of the Urals. If, however, the large Allerød mammals are added, the fauna is without modern analogues. The Nørre Lyngby fauna can be seen as a last expansion of the North European glacial fauna. Provided that an absolute chronology and a differentiated sea-level curve for the area can be established, the Nørre Lyngby fauna could become important for studies in mammalian dispersal and migration rates.
Bölling; Late Pleistocene; Limfjorden; Pleistocene; Pleistocene; Quarternary; Weichselian
Latitude: 56.000000 * Longitude: 10.000000
Nörre_Lyngby (Nr._Lyngby) * Latitude: 56.000000 * Longitude: 10.000000 * Elevation: 12.0 m * Comment: Hjörring
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
2StratigraphyStratigraphyCounting, mammalia
3Age, commentComm
4Age, minimum/youngAge minkaAge, 14C AMS
5Age, maximum/oldAge maxkaAge, 14C AMS
6Geologic age nameGeol age
7Facies name/codeFacies
8Sample commentSample comment
9Sorex minutusS. minutusCounting, mammalia
10Sorex araneus-alpinusS. araneus-alpinusCounting, mammalia
11Desmana moschataD. moschataCounting, mammalia
12Ochotona pusillaO. pusillaCounting, mammalia
13Spermophilus majorS. majorCounting, mammalia
14Arvicola terrestrisA. terrestrisCounting, mammalia
15Microtus sp.Microtus sp.Counting, mammalia
16Microtus gregalisM. gregalisCounting, mammalia
17Microtus oeconomusM. oeconomusCounting, mammalia
18Sicista subtilis-betulinaS. subtilis-betulinaCounting, mammalia
19Rangifer tarandusR. tarandusCounting, mammalia
20AvesAvesCounting, mammalia
21AmphibiaAmphibiaCounting, mammalia
22PiscesPiscesCounting, mammalia
21 data points

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