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Germonpre, M; Leclerq, M (2001): Occurrence of mammalia relicts at site Zemst Bos van A. PANGAEA,

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Early Weichselian; Eemian; Late Pleistocene; Pleistocene; Pleistocene; Quarternary; Weichselian
Related to:
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Latitude: 50.987170 * Longitude: 4.390800
Zemst_Bos_van_A * Latitude: 50.987170 * Longitude: 4.390800 * Elevation: 12.0 m * Comment: Zemst
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
2StratigraphyStratigraphyCounting, mammalia
3Age, commentComm
4Geologic age nameGeol age
5Facies name/codeFacies
6Sample commentSample comment
7Lepus sp.Lepus sp.Counting, mammalia
8RodentiaRodentiaCounting, mammalia
9Castor fiberC. fiberCounting, mammalia
10Dicrostonyx torquatusD. torquatusCounting, mammalia
11CarnivoraCarnivoraCounting, mammalia
12Alopex vel VulpesA. vel VulpesCounting, mammalia
13Canis lupusC. lupusCounting, mammalia
14Ursus arctosU. arctosCounting, mammalia
15Meles melesM. melesCounting, mammalia
16Putorius sp.Putorius sp.Counting, mammalia
17Crocuta crocuta spelaeaC. crocuta spelaeaCounting, mammalia
18Panthera leo spelaeaP. leo spelaeaCounting, mammalia
19Elephas (Palaeoloxodon) antiquusE. antiquusCounting, mammalia
20Mammuthus primigeniusM. primigeniusCounting, mammalia
21Equus sp.Equus sp.Counting, mammalia
22RhinocerotidaeRhinocerotidaeCounting, mammalia
23Coelodonta antiquitatisC. antiquitatisCounting, mammalia
24Sus scrofaS. scrofaCounting, mammalia
25Capreolus capreolusC. capreolusCounting, mammalia
26Cervus elaphusC. elaphusCounting, mammalia
27Megaloceros giganteusM. giganteusCounting, mammalia
28Rangifer tarandusR. tarandusCounting, mammalia
29Bos vel BisonB. vel BisonCounting, mammalia
52 data points

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