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Stehlin, H G; Graziosi, P (2001): Occurrence of mammalia relicts at site Roter Berg bei Saalfeld. PANGAEA,

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Early Weichselian; Late Pleistocene; Pleistocene; Pleistocene; Quarternary; Weichselian
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Stehlin, H G; Graziosi, P (1935): Ricerche sugli Asinidi fossili dEuropa. Memoires de la Societe Paleontologique Suisse, 56, 73 pp
Latitude: 50.637000 * Longitude: 11.423830
Roter_Berg_bei_Saalfeld * Latitude: 50.637000 * Longitude: 11.423830 * Elevation: 410.0 m * Comment: Saalfeld Faunenliste unvollständig !!!
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
2Geologic age nameGeol age
3Erinaceus europaeusE. europaeusCounting, mammalia
4Neomys fodiensN. fodiensCounting, mammalia
5Sorex minutusS. minutusCounting, mammalia
6Talpa europaeaT. europaeaCounting, mammalia
7Myotis sp.Myotis sp.Counting, mammalia
8Lepus sp.Lepus sp.Counting, mammalia
9Oryctolagus cuniculusO. cuniculusCounting, mammalia
10Sciurus vulgarisS. vulgarisCounting, mammalia
11Marmota sp.Marmota sp.Counting, mammalia
12Spermophilus citellusS. citellusCounting, mammalia
13Castor fiberC. fiberCounting, mammalia
14Cricetus sp.Cricetus sp.Counting, mammalia
15Cricetus cricetusC. cricetusCounting, mammalia
16Arvicola sp.Arvicola sp.Counting, mammalia
17Clethrionomys glareolusC. glareolusCounting, mammalia
18Dicrostonyx torquatusD. torquatusCounting, mammalia
19Lemmus lemmusL. lemmusCounting, mammalia
20Microtus sp.Microtus sp.Counting, mammalia
21Microtus arvalis-agrestisM. arvalis-agrestisCounting, mammalia
22Microtus gregalisM. gregalisCounting, mammalia
23Apodemus sp.Apodemus sp.Counting, mammalia
24Glis glisG. glisCounting, mammalia
25Hystrix sp.Hystrix sp.Counting, mammalia
26Canis sp.Canis sp.Counting, mammalia
27Canis lupusC. lupusCounting, mammalia
28Vulpes sp.Vulpes sp.Counting, mammalia
29Vulpes vulpesV. vulpesCounting, mammalia
30Ursus arctosU. arctosCounting, mammalia
31Ursus spelaeusU. spelaeusCounting, mammalia
32Martes martesM. martesCounting, mammalia
33Meles sp.Meles sp.Counting, mammalia
34Mustela sp.Mustela sp.Counting, mammalia
35Mustela ermineaM. ermineaCounting, mammalia
36Mustela nivalis-minutaM. nivalis-minutaCounting, mammalia
37Putorius eversmanniP. eversmanniCounting, mammalia
38Putorius putoriusP. putoriusCounting, mammalia
39Crocuta crocuta spelaeaC. crocuta spelaeaCounting, mammalia
40Felis sp.Felis sp.Counting, mammalia
41Felis silvestrisF. silvestrisCounting, mammalia
42Lynx lynxL. lynxCounting, mammalia
43Mammuthus primigeniusM. primigeniusCounting, mammalia
44Equus caballus przewalskiiE. caballus przewalskiiCounting, mammalia
45Equus hydruntinusE. hydruntinusCounting, mammalia
46Stephanorhinus kirchbergensisS. kirchbergensisCounting, mammalia
47Sus scrofaS. scrofaCounting, mammalia
48Alces alcesA. alcesCounting, mammalia
49Capreolus capreolusC. capreolusCounting, mammalia
50Cervus sp.Cervus sp.Counting, mammalia
51Cervus elaphusC. elaphusCounting, mammalia
52Megaloceros sp.Megaloceros sp.Counting, mammalia
53Rangifer tarandusR. tarandusCounting, mammalia
54BovidaeBovidaeCounting, mammalia
55Rupicapra rupicapraR. rupicapraCounting, mammalia
56AvesAvesCounting, mammalia
55 data points

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