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Jánossy, D (2001): Occurrence of mammalia relicts at site Rejtek 1. PANGAEA,

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Early Holocene; Holocene; Late Pleistocene; Pleistocene; Pleistocene; Quarternary; Weichselian
Related to:
Jánossy, D (1986): Pleistocene Vertebrate Faunas of Hungary. Developments in Palaeontology and Stratigraphy, 8, 208 pp
Jánossy, D; Kordos, L (1976): Pleistocene-holocene mollusc and vertebrate fauna of two caves in Hungary. Ann Hist-Nat Mus Natl Hung Mineral Geol Palaeontol, 68, 5-29
Jánossy, D; Kordos, L (1976): Two Pleistocene-Holocene cave localities in Hungary. Annales Historico-Naturales Musei Nationalis Hungarici, 68, 5-29
Latitude: 48.050000 * Longitude: 20.555000
Rejtek_1 * Latitude: 48.050000 * Longitude: 20.555000 * Elevation: 500.0 m * Comment: Miskolc, at the western foot of the Szarvasko hill, 500 m south of the bunk-house of Rejtek, east of Repashuta in the Bükk mountains, transitional between the Pleistocene (Palankian substage) and the Holocene
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
2StratigraphyStratigraphyCounting, mammalia
3Age, commentComm
4Geologic age nameGeol age
5Facies name/codeFacies
6Erinaceus europaeusE. europaeusCounting, mammalia
7Crocidura leucodon-russulaC. leucodon-russulaCounting, mammalia
8Sorex minutusS. minutusCounting, mammalia
9Sorex araneus-alpinusS. araneus-alpinusCounting, mammalia
10Talpa europaeaT. europaeaCounting, mammalia
11Pipistrellus sp.Pipistrellus sp.Counting, mammalia
12Myotis bechsteiniiM. bechsteiniiCounting, mammalia
13Myotis nattereriM. nattereriCounting, mammalia
14Eptesicus serotinusE. serotinusCounting, mammalia
15Plecotus auritusP. auritusCounting, mammalia
16Miniopterus schreibersiiM. schreibersiiCounting, mammalia
17Ochotona pusillaO. pusillaCounting, mammalia
18Lepus sp.Lepus sp.Counting, mammalia
19Sciurus vulgarisS. vulgarisCounting, mammalia
20Cricetus cricetusC. cricetusCounting, mammalia
21Arvicola terrestrisA. terrestrisCounting, mammalia
22Clethrionomys glareolusC. glareolusCounting, mammalia
23Microtus agrestisM. agrestisCounting, mammalia
24Microtus arvalis-agrestisM. arvalis-agrestisCounting, mammalia
25Microtus gregalisM. gregalisCounting, mammalia
26Microtus (Chionomys) nivalisM. Ch nivalisCounting, mammalia
27Microtus oeconomusM. oeconomusCounting, mammalia
28Microtus (Tericola) subterraneusM. (Tericola) subterraneusCounting, mammalia
29Apodemus sylvaticusA. sylvaticusCounting, mammalia
30Micromys minutusM. minutusCounting, mammalia
31Glis glisG. glisCounting, mammalia
32Dryomys nitedulaD. nitedulaCounting, mammalia
33Eliomys quercinusE. quercinusCounting, mammalia
34Muscardinus avellanariusM. avellanariusCounting, mammalia
35Sicista sp.Sicista sp.Counting, mammalia
36Vulpes vulpesV. vulpesCounting, mammalia
37Ursus sp.Ursus sp.Counting, mammalia
38Martes sp.Martes sp.Counting, mammalia
39Mustela sp.Mustela sp.Counting, mammalia
40Mustela nivalis-minutaM. nivalis-minutaCounting, mammalia
41Sus scrofaS. scrofaCounting, mammalia
42Cervus elaphusC. elaphusCounting, mammalia
43Rangifer sp.Rangifer sp.Counting, mammalia
44Bison sp.Bison sp.Counting, mammalia
45AvesAvesCounting, mammalia
46ReptiliaReptiliaCounting, mammalia
47AmphibiaAmphibiaCounting, mammalia
48PiscesPiscesCounting, mammalia
126 data points

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