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Stuart, A J (2001): Occurrence of mammalia relicts at site Tornewton Cave. PANGAEA,

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Eemian; Late Pleistocene; Pleistocene; Pleistocene; Quarternary; Saale; Weichselian
Related to:
Harrison, C J O (1980): Pleistocene bird remains from Tornewton Cave and the Brixham Windmill Hill Cave in south Devon. Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History) / Geology, 33(2), 91-100
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Rzebik, B (1968): Crocidura WAGLER and other Insectivora (Mammalia) from the Quaternary deposits at Tornewton Cave in England. Acta zoologica Cracoviensia, 13, 251-263
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Latitude: 50.500000 * Longitude: -3.666700
Tornewton_Cave * Latitude: 50.500000 * Longitude: -3.666700 * Comment: Torbryan, near Torbay
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
2StratigraphyStratigraphyCounting, mammalia
3Age, commentComm
4Geologic age nameGeol age
5Talpa europaeaT. europaeaCounting, mammalia
6Homo sapiens neanderthalensisH. sapiens neanderthalensisCounting, mammalia
7Lepus timidusL. timidusCounting, mammalia
8Allocricetus bursaeA. bursaeCounting, mammalia
9Cricetus cricetusC. cricetusCounting, mammalia
10Arvicola terrestrisA. terrestrisCounting, mammalia
11Clethrionomys glareolusC. glareolusCounting, mammalia
12Dicrostonyx torquatusD. torquatusCounting, mammalia
13Lagurus lagurusL. lagurusCounting, mammalia
14Lemmus lemmusL. lemmusCounting, mammalia
15Microtus agrestisM. agrestisCounting, mammalia
16Microtus gregalisM. gregalisCounting, mammalia
17Microtus oeconomusM. oeconomusCounting, mammalia
18Canis lupusC. lupusCounting, mammalia
19Vulpes vulpesV. vulpesCounting, mammalia
20Ursus sp.Ursus sp.Counting, mammalia
21Ursus arctosU. arctosCounting, mammalia
22Gulo guloG. guloCounting, mammalia
23Aonyx antiquaA. antiquaCounting, mammalia
24Meles melesM. melesCounting, mammalia
25Crocuta crocuta spelaeaC. crocuta spelaeaCounting, mammalia
26Panthera leo spelaeaP. leo spelaeaCounting, mammalia
27Equus ferusE. ferusCounting, mammalia
28Stephanorhinus hemitoechusS. hemitoechusCounting, mammalia
29Coelodonta sp.Coelodonta sp.Counting, mammalia
30Coelodonta antiquitatisC. antiquitatisCounting, mammalia
31Hippopotamus amphibiusH. amphibiusCounting, mammalia
32Cervus elaphusC. elaphusCounting, mammalia
33Dama damaD. damaCounting, mammalia
34Rangifer tarandusR. tarandusCounting, mammalia
35Bos vel BisonB. vel BisonCounting, mammalia
36AvesAvesCounting, mammalia
37AmphibiaAmphibiaCounting, mammalia
38PiscesPiscesCounting, mammalia
71 data points

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