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Dittmers, Klaus Hauke; Stein, Ruediger; Grobe, Hannes (2001): Bathymetry of the Kara Sea south of 77°N in PanMap layer format [dataset]. Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, PANGAEA,

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Further details:
Weinelt, Martin (2003): Bathymetrisches modell der Kara-See. kk+w - digitale kartografie GmbH., hdl:10013/epic.32177.d001
Fourth Framework Programme (FP4), grant/award no. MAS3980185: Quaternary Environment of the Eurasian North
Compilation from Russian navigational charts and echo soundings of cruises BP99 and BP00 of research vessel Borris Petrov; computed with ArcInfo TIN by Körsgen, Kantz & Weinelt GbR, Kiel and converted to PanMap layer format. This format can only be used by the PanMap software and can not be reconverted.
The PanMap Mini-GIS software is available at doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.104840.
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