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Anders, Tania-Maria (1997): Stable oxygen isotope ratios in opal and seawater from various locations [dataset]. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Anders, T-M (1997): Stabile Sauerstoff-Isotope in marinen Diatomeen: Isotopenfraktionierung und paläozeanographische Anwendung. Berichte aus dem Sonderforschungsbereich 313, Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel, 73, 88 pp,

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Median Latitude: 53.540800 * Median Longitude: -5.175869 * South-bound Latitude: -69.666700 * West-bound Longitude: -93.166700 * North-bound Latitude: 75.166700 * East-bound Longitude: 13.883300
Minimum DEPTH, water: 10 m * Maximum DEPTH, water: 50 m
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
3DEPTH, waterDepth watermGeocode
4Sample code/labelSample labelSarnthein, Michael
5Temperature, waterTemp°CSarnthein, MichaelPt-100 temperature sensor, Honchigo, Japan
6SalinitySalSarnthein, MichaelElectrode dual glass, Applied Microsystems, Canada
7δ18O, waterδ18O H2O‰ SMOWSarnthein, MichaelMass spectrometer Finnigan Delta-S
8δ18O, opalδ18O opal‰ SMOWSarnthein, MichaelMass spectrometer Finnigan MAT 251
9δ18O, opalδ18O opal‰ SMOWSarnthein, MichaelCalculated, see reference(s)
10Fractionation factorFrac FactorSarnthein, Michael
11CommentCommentSarnthein, Michael
230 data points

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