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Rochon, André; Matthiessen, Jens (1999): Dinoflagellate cysts in surface sediments [dataset]. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Rochon, André; de Vernal, Anne; Turon, Jean-Louis; Matthiessen, Jens; Head, Martin J (1999): Distribution of recent dinoflagellate cysts in surface sediments from the North Atlantic Ocean and adjacent seas in relation to sea-surface parameters. American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists Foundation, AASP Contribution Series, 35, 152 pp

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Surface sediments at 439 sites throughout the North Atlantic Ocean and adjacent seas have been analyzed for dinoflagellate cysts in order to establish a reference database from which paleoenvironmental transfer functions can be developed. Laboratory procedures and systematics were standardized in order to avoid bias introduced by the selective loss of taxa and to facilitate site to site comparison. 371 sites were retained to develop the database that includes 41 taxa, some of which were grouped using morphological and/or ecological criteria. 27 taxa were retained for statistical purposes. Distribution maps of these latter taxa have been plotted on the basis of their relative abundance. Principal component analyses were performed in order to describe the distribution of assemblages. The relation between the assemblages, as well as the relative abundance of individual taxa, and selected sea-surface parameters are illustrated. The parameters which were considered include temperature and salinity for winter (February) and summer (August) together with the duration of sea-ice cover. Transfer functions using the best analogue method have been tested with a view to reconstruct past sea-surface parameters. Validation procedures on this transfer function demonstrate that more than 95% of the reconstructions are included within the interannual variability of modern sea-surface conditions. Therefore, these transfer functions give accurate results and can be applied to reconstructing paleo–temperatures and –salinities from analogous assemblages in Quaternary sedimentary sequences.
Protoperidinium stellatum (Wall in Wall & Dale, 1968) Head, comb. nov. (basionym = Peridinium stellatum) is proposed as new, and Algidasphaeridium? minutum var. cezare de Vernal et al., 1989 ex de Vernal et al. is newly validated.
Related to:
Matthiessen, Jens (1995): Distribution patterns of dinoflagellate cysts and other organic-walled microfossils in recent Norwegain-Greenland Sea sediments. Marine Micropaleontology, 24(3-4), 307-334,
Median Latitude: 60.788032 * Median Longitude: -26.874242 * South-bound Latitude: 34.318200 * West-bound Longitude: -173.895000 * North-bound Latitude: 80.656300 * East-bound Longitude: 176.106000
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: m
SURRochon1999 * Latitude Start: 34.300000 * Longitude Start: -7.000000 * Latitude End: 80.600000 * Longitude End: 53.800000 * Method/Device: Multiple investigations (MULT)
Part of this data sets was previously published in Matthiessen (1995) dataset in doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.733497.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
3DEPTH, sediment/rockDepth sedmGeocode
4Sample, optional label/labor noLab noMatthiessen, Jens
5Depth, bathymetricBathy depthmMatthiessen, Jens
6Specimen countSp count#Matthiessen, Jens
7Dinoflagellate cyst per volumeDinofl cyst per vol#/cm3Matthiessen, Jens
8Sample code/labelSample labelMatthiessen, Jens
9CommentCommentMatthiessen, Jens
10Polykrikos schwarziiP. schwarzii%Matthiessen, Jens
11Lingulodinium machaerophorumL. machaerophorum%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
12Operculodinium centrocarpumO. centrocarpum%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
13Ataxiodinium choaneA. choane%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
14Bitectatodinium tepikienseB. tepikiense%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
15Impagidinium aculeatumI. aculeatum%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
16Impagidinium pallidumI. pallidum%Matthiessen, Jens
17Impagidinium paradoxumI. paradoxum%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
18Impagidinium patulumI. patulum%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
19Impagidinium sphaericumI. sphaericum%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
20Impagidinium strialatumI. strialatum%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
21Nematosphaeropsis labyrinthusN. labyrinthus%Matthiessen, Jens
22Spiniferites spp.Spiniferites spp.%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
23Spiniferites bentoriS. bentori%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
24Spiniferites elongatusS. elongatus%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
25Spiniferites membranaceusS. membranaceus%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
26Spiniferites mirabilisS. mirabilis%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
27Spiniferites ramosusS. ramosus%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
28Pyxidinopsis reticulataP. reticulata%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
29cf. Alexandrium tamarense type cystcf. A. tamarense-T cyst%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
30Pentapharsodinium daleiP. dalei%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
31Brigantedinium spp.Brigantedinium spp.%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
32Miscellaneous congruentidiacean cystsMisc congr cysts%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
33Selenopemphix quantaS. quanta%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
34Trinovantedinium applanatumT. applanatum%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
35Algidasphaeridium minutumA. minutum%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
36Algidasphaeridium minutum var. cesareA. minutum var. cesare%Matthiessen, JensCounting, dinoflagellate cysts
12317 data points

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