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Knies, Jochen; Stein, Ruediger (1998): Organic geochemistry on sediment core PS2741-1. PANGAEA,

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Knies, Jochen (1999): Spätquartäre Paläoumweltbedingungen am nördlichen Kontinentalrand der Barents- und Kara-See. Eine Multi-Parameter-Analyse (Late Quaternary paleoenvironment along the northern Barents and Kara seas continental margin. A multi parameter analysis). Berichte zur Polarforschung = Reports on Polar Research, 304, 159 pp,
Latitude: 81.105600 * Longitude: 105.394300
Date/Time Start: 1995-08-10T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 1995-08-10T00:00:00
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 0.00 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 6.00 m
PS2741-1 (PS36/028) * Latitude: 81.105600 * Longitude: 105.394300 * Date/Time: 1995-08-10T00:00:00 * Elevation: -2530.0 m * Recovery: 6.37 m * Location: Arctic Ocean * Campaign: ARK-XI/1 (PS36) * Basis: Polarstern * Method/Device: Kasten corer (KAL) * Comment: 6 core sections: 0.3-1.3, 1.3-2.3, 2.3-3.31, 3.31-4.32, 4.32-5.34, 5.34-6.09 m
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmGeocode
2AGEAgeka BPGeocode
3Sedimentation rateSed ratecm/kaStein, RuedigerCalculated
4Density, dry bulkDBDg/cm3Stein, Ruediger
5Accumulation rate, massMARg/cm2/kaStein, RuedigerCalculated
6Carbon, organic, totalTOC%Stein, RuedigerElement analyser CHN
7Accumulation rate, total organic carbonAcc rate TOCg/cm2/kaStein, RuedigerCalculated
8Calcium carbonateCaCO3%Stein, RuedigerElement analyser CHN
9Accumulation rate, calcium carbonateAcc rate CaCO3g/cm2/kaStein, RuedigerCalculated
10Carbon/Nitrogen ratioC/NStein, RuedigerCalculated
11Pyrolysis temperature maximumTmax°CStein, RuedigerRock eval pyrolysis (Behar et al., 2001)
12Hydrogen index, mass HC per unit mass total organic carbonHI, HC/TOCmg/gStein, RuedigerRock eval pyrolysis (Behar et al., 2001)
13δ13C, organic carbonδ13C Corg‰ PDBStein, RuedigerIsotope ratio mass spectrometry
14Fatty acids, short-chain per unit sediment massSC FA/sedµg/gStein, RuedigerGas chromatography
15Short-chain n-alkanes, C15H32+C17H36+C19H40 per unit sediment massC15+C17+C19/sedµg/gStein, RuedigerGas chromatography
16Long-chain n-alkanes, C27H56+C29H60+C31H64 per unit sediment massC27+C29+C31/sedµg/gStein, RuedigerGas chromatography
17Pigments, absorbance at 410 nmPigmStein, RuedigerPhotometry
18Opal, biogenic silicabSiO2%Stein, RuedigerOpal, auto analysis (Müller & Schneider, 1993)
1007 data points

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