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Armienti, Pietro; Messiga, Bruno; Vannucci, R (1998): Geochemistry of bulk samples and various minerals of sediment core CRP-1 from the Ross Sea, Antarctica. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Armienti, P et al. (1998): Sand provenance from major and trace element analyses of bulk rock and sand grains. Terra Antartica, 5(3), 589-599, hdl:10013/epic.28346.d001

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Thirty-nine medium and fine grained sandstones from between 19,26 and 147,23 mbsf in the Cape Roberts-l core (CRP-1) were analysed for 10 major and 16 trace elements. Using whole-lock compositions, 9 samples were selected for analyses of mineral and glass grains by energy dispersive electron microscope. Laser-Ablation Mass-Spectrometry was used to determine rare earth elements and 14 additional trace elements in glass shards, pyroxenes and feldspars in order to examine their contribution to the bulk rock chemistry. Geochemical data reveal the major contribution played by the Granite Harbour Intrusives to the whole rock composition, even if a significant input is supplied by McMurdo volcanics and Ferrar dolerite pyroxenes McMurdo volcanics were studied in detail; they appeal to derive from a variety of litologies, and a dominant role of wind transpoitation from exposures of volcanic rocks may be inferred from the contemporary occurrence of different compositions at all depths. Only at 116.55 mbsf was a thin layer of tephra found, linked to an explosive eruption McMurdo volcanic rocks exhibit larger abundances at depths above 62 mbsf, in correspondence with the onset of volcanic activity in the McMurdo Sound area. From 62 mbsf to the bottom of the core, McMurdo volcanics are less abundant and probably issued from some centres in the McMurdo Sound region. However, available data do not allow the exclusion of wind transport from some eruptive centres active in north Victoria Land at the beginning of the Miocene Epoch.
Latitude: -77.007580 * Longitude: 163.755080
Date/Time Start: 1997-10-17T01:30:00 * Date/Time End: 1997-10-24T02:00:00
CRP-1 (16 km ENE Cape Roberts) * Latitude: -77.007580 * Longitude: 163.755080 * Date/Time Start: 1997-10-17T01:30:00 * Date/Time End: 1997-10-24T02:00:00 * Elevation: -153.5 m * Penetration: 132.06 m * Recovery: 113.32 m * Location: off Cape Roberts, Ross Sea, Antarctica * Campaign: CRP-1 * Basis: Sampling/drilling ice * Method/Device: Core wireline system (CWS) * Comment: sea ice thickness: 1.60 m, recovery 86 %. Age and lithology of oldest strata: 22-24 Ma; mudstone with scattered pebbles.
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