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STRATAGEM Partners (2002): Compilation of results of the STRATAGEM project as ISO-image of the final CD-ROM. PANGAEA,

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The study of the Neogene (Miocene to Holocene) stratigraphic record on the glaciated Atlantic margin of NW Europe has, to date, largely been undertaken on an ad-hoc basis. Whereas a systematic approach to understanding the stratigraphic development of Palaeogene and older strata has been undertaken in areas such as the North Sea, West of Shetland and Norway, the problem of establishing a Neogene framework has been only partly addressed by academia and the oil industry. In most cases where a Neogene stratigraphy has been constructed, this has been largely in response to problem solving and risk assessment in a restricted area. Nevertheless, in the past few years it has become increasingly apparent that there is a common history in the Neogene development of the passive Atlantic margin of NW Europe, between mid-Norway and SW Ireland. The inspection and interpretation of an extensive geophysical and geological database has identified several regionally significant and correlatable unconformities along this continental margin. Thus, a regional approach to the stratigraphical development of the Neogene succession on the glaciated European Atlantic margin is undertaken in this volume.
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STRATAGEM Partners; Stoker, Martyn S (2002): STRATAGEM - The Neogene stratigraphy of the glaciated European margin from Lofoten to Porcupine. EC-project - Contract number: EVK3-CT-1999-00011, CD-ROM,
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