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Christiansen, Bernd (2006): Biomass of benthopelagic fish at beam trawl sample POS322_214, Seine Seamount, summit plateau [dataset]. PANGAEA,, In: Christiansen, Bernd; Arístegui Ruiz, Javier; Bett, Brian J; Kiriakoulakis, Kostas; Martins, Ana; Menezes, Gui M; White, Martin (2015): Compilation of scientific results of the OASIS project [dataset publication series]. PANGAEA,

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Christiansen, Bernd (2005): Cruise Report R.V. Poseidon, cruise POS 322, Funchal 14.05.05 - Kiel 01.06.05. Institut für Hydrobiologie und Fischereiwissenschaft, Universität Hamburg, 11 pp,
Fifth Framework Programme (FP5), grant/award no. EVK3-CT-2002-00073: Oceanic Seamounts: an Integrated Study
Latitude: 33.723333 * Longitude: -14.413667
Date/Time Start: 2005-05-18T11:10:00 * Date/Time End: 2005-05-18T11:10:00
Minimum Elevation: -174.0 m * Maximum Elevation: -174.0 m
POS322_214 (214) * Latitude: 33.723333 * Longitude: -14.413667 * Date/Time: 2005-05-18T11:10:00 * Elevation: -174.0 m * Campaign: POS322 * Basis: Poseidon * Method/Device: Beam trawl (BEAM)
Wet mass (kg) based on fresh material.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Anthias anthias, biomass, wet massA. anthias biom wmgChristiansen, BerndAnthias anthias/Callanthias ruber, species not discriminated
2Arnoglossus rueppeli, biomass, wet massA. rueppeli biom wmgChristiansen, Bernd
3Aulopus filamentosus, biomass, wet massA. filamentosus biom wmgChristiansen, Bernd
4Capros aper, biomass, wet massC. aper biom wmgChristiansen, Bernd
5Centracanthus cirrus, biomass, wet massC. cirrus biom wmgChristiansen, Bernd
6Conger conger, biomass, wet massC. conger biom wmgChristiansen, Bernd
7Macroramphosus spp., biomass, wet massMacroramphosus spp. biom wmgChristiansen, Berndincludes probably M. scolopax and M. gracilis
8Pontinus kuhlii, biomass, wet massP. kuhlii biom wmgChristiansen, Bernd
9Torpedo torpedo, biomass, wet massT. torpedo biom wmgChristiansen, Bernd
10Raja maderensis, biomass, wet massR. maderensis biom wmgChristiansen, Bernd
11Trachurus, biomass, wet massTrachurus biom wmgChristiansen, Bernd
12Zenopsis conchifer, biomass, wet massZ. conchifer biom wmgChristiansen, Bernd
13Fish, other, biomass, wet massFish oth biom wmgChristiansen, Berndsmall species with low numbers
14Fish, wet massFish wmkgChristiansen, Berndtotal
14 data points

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