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Vergnaud-Grazzini, Colette; Pierre, Catherine (1991): (Table 3) Stable isotopes measured on Uvigerina peregrina from sediment core KC82-26 [dataset]. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Vergnaud-Grazzini, C; Pierre, C (1991): High fertility in the Alboran Sea since the last glacial maximum. Paleoceanography, 6(4), 519-536,

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Latitude: 36.791667 * Longitude: -7.813333
Date/Time Start: 1982-11-01T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 1982-11-01T00:00:00
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 0.00 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 2.40 m
KC82-26 * Latitude: 36.791667 * Longitude: -7.813333 * Date/Time: 1982-11-01T00:00:00 * Elevation: -583.0 m * Location: Mediterranean Sea * Campaign: FAEGAS_IV * Basis: Le Noroit * Method/Device: Piston corer (PC) * Comment: No: KC82-26
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1DEPTH, sediment/rockDepth sedmGeocode
2Age modelAge modelkaVergnaud-Grazzini, ColetteAge model, stable isotope stratigraphycalculated ages
3Uvigerina peregrina, δ18OU. peregrina δ18O‰ PDBVergnaud-Grazzini, ColetteMass spectrometer VG SIRA 9
4Uvigerina peregrina, δ13CU. peregrina δ13C‰ PDBVergnaud-Grazzini, ColetteMass spectrometer VG SIRA 9
63 data points

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