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Rüggeberg, Andres; Dullo, Wolf-Christian; Dorschel, Boris; Hebbeln, Dierk (2007): (Fig. 6) Assemblage of benthic foraminifera in sediment core GeoB6730-1 [dataset]. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Rüggeberg, A et al. (2007): Environmental changes and growth history of a cold-water carbonate mound (Propeller Mound, Porcupine Seabight). International Journal of Earth Sciences, 96(1), 57-72,

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Fifth Framework Programme (FP5), grant/award no. EVK3-CT-1999-00013: Environmental controls on mound formation along the european margin
Latitude: 52.147683 * Longitude: -12.771367
Date/Time Start: 2000-09-24T17:34:00 * Date/Time End: 2000-09-24T17:34:00
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 0.03 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 3.58 m
GeoB6730-1 (POS490-1) * Latitude: 52.147683 * Longitude: -12.771367 * Date/Time: 2000-09-24T17:34:00 * Elevation: -704.0 m * Recovery: 3.6 m * Location: Porcupine Seabight * Campaign: POS265 * Basis: Poseidon * Method/Device: Gravity corer (Kiel type) (SL)
Epibenthic species: aggl. Tube fragments, Bigenerina nodosaria, Cibicides refulgens, Cibicidoides lobatulus, Cibicidoides wuellerstorfi, Discanomalina coronata, Dorothia pseudoturris, Gaudryna nitida, Hyalinea balthica, Karreriella bradyi, Lenticulina rotulata, Lenticulina sp.2, Lenticulina thalmanni, Patellina corrugata, Planulina ariminensis, Psammosphaera fusca, Pyrgo murrhina, Pyrgo rotalaria, Quinqueloculina vulgaris, Rosalina ? sp.1, Rupertina stabilis, Textularia agglutinans, Triloculina oblonga, Triloculina rotunda, Triloculina tricarinata, Triloculina trihedra, Tritaxis conica/Epibenthic species, elevated: Cibicides refulgens, Cibicidoides lobatulus, Cibicidoides wuellerstorfi, Discanomalina coronata, Gaudryna nitida, Patellina corrugata, Planulina ariminensis, Quinqueloculina vulgaris, Rosalina ? sp.1, Textularia agglutinans
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1DEPTH, sediment/rockDepth sedmGeocode
2Foraminifera, benthicForam benth#/gRüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
3Number of speciesSpec No#Rüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
4Shannon Diversity IndexH'Rüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
5Brizalina robustaB. robusta#/gRüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
6Bulimina marginataB. marginata#/gRüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
7Cassidulina laevigataC. laevigata#/gRüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
8Hyalinea balthicaH. balthica#/gRüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
9Melonis barleeanusM. barleeanus#/gRüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
10Trifarina angulosaT. angulosa#/gRüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
11Uvigerina mediterraneaU. mediterranea#/gRüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
12Uvigerina peregrinaU. peregrina#/gRüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
13Foraminifera assemblage, holocene groupHolocene gr%Rüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
14Cassidulina obtusaC. obtusa#/gRüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
15Cassidulina teretisC. teretis#/gRüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
16Globocassidulina subglobosaG. subglobosa#/gRüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
17Cassidulina reniformeC. reniforme#/gRüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
18Sigmoilopsis woodiS. woodi#/gRüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
19Foraminifera assemblage, glacial groupGlacial gr%Rüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
20Cibicides refulgensC. refulgens#/gRüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
21Cibicidoides kullenbergiC. kullenbergi#/gRüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
22Discanomalina coronataD. coronata#/gRüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
23Gavelinopsis translucensG. translucens#/gRüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
24Hyrrokkin sarcophagaH. sarcophaga#/gRüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
25Planulina ariminensisP. ariminensis#/gRüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
26Trifarina bradyiT. bradyi#/gRüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
27Foraminifera assemblage, mound groupMound gr%Rüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fraction
28Epibenthic speciesEpibenth%Rüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fractionafter Murray 1991; Schönfeld 1997, 2002
29Epibenthic species, elevatedEpibenth elev%Rüggeberg, AndresCounting >125 µm fractionafter Murray 1991; Schönfeld 1997, 2002
2016 data points

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