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Leckie, R Mark; Webb, Peter-Noel (1986): (Table 1) Distribution of benthic and planktonic foraminifers at DSDP Hole 28-270. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Leckie, RM; Webb, P-N (1986): Late Paleogene and early Neogene foraminifers of Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 270, Ross Sea, Antarctica. In: Kennett, JP; von der Borch, CC; et al. (eds.), Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project, Washington (U.S. Govt. Printing Office), 90, 1093-1142,

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Foraminifers from the upper Oligocene, lower Miocene, and Pleistocene at Site 270 in the southern Ross Sea, Antarctica, are discussed and illustrated. The total fauna comprises 74 genera and 163 species. A small number of taxa are recycled from Cretaceous and older Paleogene sediments. Four assemblage zones are proposed, the age of informal lithologic units discussed, and potentially important hiatuses identified. Microfaunas reflect a mixing of biogeographic affinities with one element exhibiting similarities to temperate late Paleogene assemblages in New Zealand, and another representing the early cold-water assemblages of the antarctic Neogene.
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DSDP (1989): Data from the Deep Sea Drilling Project. Sediment, hard rock and reference files. National Geophysical Data Center, National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, 1, CD-ROM
Latitude: -77.441300 * Longitude: -178.503200
Date/Time Start: 1973-01-29T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 1973-01-29T00:00:00
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 2.03 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 386.01 m
28-270 * Latitude: -77.441300 * Longitude: -178.503200 * Date/Time: 1973-01-29T00:00:00 * Elevation: -633.0 m * Penetration: 422.5 m * Recovery: 256.3 m * Location: Antarctic Ocean * Campaign: Leg28 * Basis: Glomar Challenger * Method/Device: Drilling/drill rig (DRILL) * Comment: 45 cores; 398.5 m cored; 10 m drilled; 64.3 % recovery
X = presence, - = absence, - = absent, ? questionable occurrence.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Lithologic unit/sequenceUnitLeckie, R Mark
2Sample code/labelSample labelLeckie, R MarkDSDP/ODP/IODP sample designation
3DEPTH, sediment/rockDepth sedmGeocode
4EpochEpochLeckie, R Mark
5Ammodiscus cf. glabratusA. cf. glabratusLeckie, R Mark
6Ammobaculites cf. coprolithiformisA. cf. coprolithiformisLeckie, R Mark
7Ammoscalaria pseudospiralisA. pseudospiralisLeckie, R Mark
8Cyclammina incisaC. incisaLeckie, R Mark
9Parafissurina groenlandicaP. groenlandicaLeckie, R Mark
10Parafissurina lateraliaP. lateraliaLeckie, R Mark
11Elphidium sp.Elphidium sp.Leckie, R Mark
12Elphidium sp.Elphidium sp.Leckie, R Mark
13Gyroidina zelandicaG. zelandicaLeckie, R Mark
14Anomalinoides globulosaA. globulosaLeckie, R Mark
15Melonis barleeanusM. barleeanusLeckie, R Mark
16Globobulimina sp.Globobulimina sp.Leckie, R Mark
17Cyclammina cf. complanataC. cf. complanataLeckie, R Mark
18Hyperammina cylindricaH. cylindricaLeckie, R Mark
19Rhizammina algaeformisR. algaeformisLeckie, R Mark
20Trifarina aff. fueginaT. aff. fueginaLeckie, R Mark
21Cibicides lobatulusC. lobatulusLeckie, R Mark
22Cibicides temperataC. temperataLeckie, R Marks.l.
23Pullenia subcarinataP. subcarinataLeckie, R Mark
24Astacolus crepidularisA. crepidularisLeckie, R Mark
25Cassidulina bradyiC. bradyiLeckie, R Mark
26Epistominella vitreaE. vitreaLeckie, R Mark
27Nonionella magnalinguaN. magnalinguaLeckie, R Mark
28Nonionella magnalinguaN. magnalinguaLeckie, R Mark
29Melonis affinisM. affinisLeckie, R Mark
30Oolina apiculataO. apiculataLeckie, R Mark
31Elphidium cf. nitidumE. cf. nitidumLeckie, R Mark
32Cyclammina rotundataC. rotundataLeckie, R Mark
33Pullenia bulloidesP. bulloidesLeckie, R Mark
34Bathysiphon sp.Bathysiphon sp.Leckie, R Markquestionable, sp. 1
35Haplophragmoides sp.Haplophragmoides sp.Leckie, R Mark
36Gaudryina sp.Gaudryina sp.Leckie, R Markquestionable
37Fissurina laevigataF. laevigataLeckie, R Mark
38Globocassidulina subglobosaG. subglobosaLeckie, R Mark
39Anomalinoides cf. macroglabraA. cf. macroglabraLeckie, R Mark
40Cibicides pseudoungerianusC. pseudoungerianusLeckie, R Mark
41Bathysiphon aff. cyclindricaB. aff. cyclindricaLeckie, R Mark
42Reophax sp.Reophax sp.Leckie, R Marksp. 2
43Rosalina globularisR. globularisLeckie, R Mark
44Fissurina marginataF. marginataLeckie, R Mark
45Cassidulinoides braziliensisC. braziliensisLeckie, R Mark
46Lagena striataL. striataLeckie, R Mark
47Nodosaria calomorphaN. calomorphaLeckie, R Mark
48Anomalinoides pinguiglabraA. pinguiglabraLeckie, R Mark
49Bathysiphon discretaB. discretaLeckie, R Mark
50Textularia cf. plummeraeT. cf. plummeraeLeckie, R Mark
51Karreriella obscuraK. obscuraLeckie, R Mark
52Nodosaria sp.Nodosaria sp.Leckie, R Marksp. 3
53Fissurina bisulcataF. bisulcataLeckie, R Mark
54Sphaeroidina bulloidesS. bulloidesLeckie, R Mark
55Fissurina agassiziF. agassiziLeckie, R Mark
56Astrorhiza cf. granulosaA. cf. granulosaLeckie, R Mark
57Protobotellina cyclindicaP. cyclindicaLeckie, R Mark
58Hormosina globuliferaH. globuliferaLeckie, R Mark
59Reophax scorpiurusR. scorpiurusLeckie, R Mark
60Ammobaculites cf. expansusA. cf. expansusLeckie, R Mark
61Textularia sp.Textularia sp.Leckie, R Marksp. 2
62Psammosphaera fuscaP. fuscaLeckie, R Mark
63Bathysiphon cf. albaB. cf. albaLeckie, R Mark
64Rhabdammina cf. abyssorumR. cf. abyssorumLeckie, R Mark
65Oolina apiopleuraO. apiopleuraLeckie, R Mark
66Oolina globosaO. globosaLeckie, R Mark
67Bathysiphon sp.Bathysiphon sp.Leckie, R Markquestionable, sp. 2
68Marsipella sp.Marsipella sp.Leckie, R Mark
69Reophax sp.Reophax sp.Leckie, R Marksp. 1
70Ammodiscus cf. incertusA. cf. incertusLeckie, R Mark
71Dentalina cf. advenaD. cf. advenaLeckie, R Mark
72Lenticulina lenticulaL. lenticulaLeckie, R Mark
73Gyroidina cf. orbicularisG. cf. orbicularisLeckie, R Mark
74Reophax cf. nodulosaR. cf. nodulosaLeckie, R Mark
75Eponides cf. weddellensisE. cf. weddellensisLeckie, R Mark
76Fursenkoina schreibersianaF. schreibersianaLeckie, R Mark
77Nonionella irideaN. irideaLeckie, R Mark
78Fissurina lucidaF. lucidaLeckie, R Mark
79Lagena laevisL. laevisLeckie, R Mark
80Candeina antarcticaC. antarcticaLeckie, R Mark
81Globorotalia cf. siakensisG. cf. siakensisLeckie, R Mark
82Textularia sp.Textularia sp.Leckie, R Marksp. 1
83Fissurina annectensF. annectensLeckie, R Mark
84Fissurina sp.Fissurina sp.Leckie, R Marksp. 4
85Oridorsalis teneraO. teneraLeckie, R Mark
86Elphidium magellanicumE. magellanicumLeckie, R Marks.l.
87Articulina sp.Articulina sp.Leckie, R Mark
88Pyrgo cf. vespertilioP. cf. vespertilioLeckie, R Mark
89Quinqueloculina seminulumQ. seminulumLeckie, R Mark
90Trochoelphidiella pustulosaT. pustulosaLeckie, R Mark
91Quinqueloculina triangularisQ. triangularisLeckie, R Mark
92Trochoelphidiella sp.Trochoelphidiella sp.Leckie, R Mark
93Jaculella cf. acutaJ. cf. acutaLeckie, R Mark
94Vaginulina cf. reophagiaV. cf. reophagiaLeckie, R Mark
95Cassidulinoides cf. parkerianaC. cf. parkerianaLeckie, R Mark
96Globigerinita cf. glutinataG. cf. glutinataLeckie, R Mark
97Gyroidina parvaG. parvaLeckie, R Mark
98Cibicides medocrisC. medocrisLeckie, R Mark
99Nonionella bradiiN. bradiiLeckie, R Mark
100Trochoelphidiella uniforaminaT. uniforaminaLeckie, R Mark
101Saracenaria kellumiS. kellumiLeckie, R Mark
102Saracenaria sp.Saracenaria sp.Leckie, R Mark
103Fissurina sp.Fissurina sp.Leckie, R Marksp. 3
104Triloculina rotundataT. rotundataLeckie, R Mark
105Chiloguembelina cubensisC. cubensisLeckie, R Mark
106Globigerina cf. ouachitaensisG. cf. ouachitaensisLeckie, R Mark
107Cassidulinoides cf. chapmaniC. cf. chapmaniLeckie, R Mark
108Lagena cf. laevigataL. cf. laevigataLeckie, R Mark
109Nodosaria sp.Nodosaria sp.Leckie, R Marksp. 2
110Astacolus sp.Astacolus sp.Leckie, R Markquestionable
111Flintina cf. droogeriF. cf. droogeriLeckie, R Mark
112Parafissurina subcarinataP. subcarinataLeckie, R Mark
113Eponides bradyiE. bradyiLeckie, R Mark
114Uvigerina cf. miozeaU. cf. miozeaLeckie, R Mark
115Globigerinoides trilobusG. trilobusLeckie, R Mark
116Globocassidulina crassaG. crassaLeckie, R Mark
117Parafissurina curtaP. curtaLeckie, R Mark
118Globorotalia cf. gemmaG. cf. gemmaLeckie, R Mark
119Globorotaloides cf. suteriG. cf. suteriLeckie, R Mark
120Lenticulina cf. punctataL. cf. punctataLeckie, R Mark
121Robertina tasmainiaR. tasmainiaLeckie, R Mark
122Ceratobulimina spp.Ceratobulimina spp.Leckie, R Mark
123Lagena gracilisL. gracilisLeckie, R Mark
124Cancris laevinflatusC. laevinflatusLeckie, R Mark
125Rhabdammina linearisR. linearisLeckie, R Mark
126Reophax cf. cushmaniiR. cf. cushmaniiLeckie, R Mark
127Arenodosaria antipodaA. antipodaLeckie, R Mark
128Cibicides cf. thiaraC. cf. thiaraLeckie, R Mark
129Cibicides vortexC. vortexLeckie, R Mark
130Gaudryina reusiiG. reusiiLeckie, R Mark
131Marginulina tumidaM. tumidaLeckie, R Mark
132Lagena sequenzianaL. sequenzianaLeckie, R Mark
133Lenticulina calliferaL. calliferaLeckie, R Mark
134Nodosaria sp.Nodosaria sp.Leckie, R Marksp. 1
135Vaginulina awamoanaV. awamoanaLeckie, R Mark
136Fissurina danicaF. danicaLeckie, R Mark
137Cibicides refulgensC. refulgensLeckie, R Mark
138Rhizammina sp.Rhizammina sp.Leckie, R Markquestionable
139Siphonina spp.Siphonina spp.Leckie, R Mark
140Marginulina cf. cocoaensisM. cf. cocoaensisLeckie, R Mark
141Lagena elongataL. elongataLeckie, R Mark
142Lenticulina sp.Lenticulina sp.Leckie, R Mark
143Fissurina fimbriataF. fimbriataLeckie, R Mark
144Globigerina cf. angiporoidesG. cf. angiporoidesLeckie, R Mark
145Parafissurina cf. tasmanicaP. cf. tasmanicaLeckie, R Mark
146Lagena nebulosaL. nebulosaLeckie, R Mark
147Marginulinopsis cf. pedumM. cf. pedumLeckie, R Mark
148Lagena sulcataL. sulcataLeckie, R Mark
149Fissurina kerguelensisF. kerguelensisLeckie, R Mark
150Islandiella norcrossiI. norcrossiLeckie, R Mark
151Islandiella teretisI. teretisLeckie, R Mark
152Eponides tumidulusE. tumidulusLeckie, R Mark
153Ehrenbergina glabraE. glabraLeckie, R Mark
154Globocassidulina bioraG. bioraLeckie, R Mark
155Astrononion echolsiA. echolsiLeckie, R Mark
156Globorotalia sp.Globorotalia sp.Leckie, R Mark
157Globigerina sp.Globigerina sp.Leckie, R Mark
158Globigerina megastomaG. megastomaLeckie, R Mark
159Neogloboquadrina pachydermaN. pachydermaLeckie, R Mark
160Trifarina earlandiT. earlandiLeckie, R Mark
161Miliammina lataMiliammina lataLeckie, R Mark
162Trochammina sp.Trochammina sp.Leckie, R Mark
163Trifarina pauperataT. pauperataLeckie, R Mark
164Uvigerina sp.Uvigerina sp.Leckie, R Mark
18253 data points

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