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Caulet, Jean-Pierre (1986): (Table 3) Abundance of som eradiolarians from DSDP Hole 90-594. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Caulet, J-P (1986): Radiolarians from the Southwest Pacific. In: Kennett, JP; von der Borch, CC; et al. (eds.), Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project, Washington (U.S. Govt. Printing Office), 90, 835-861,

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Takeuchi, Akira; Stein, Ruediger; Srinivasan, M S; Robert, Christian; Nelson, Campbell S; Morin, Roger H; Merrill, Russell B; Martini, Erlend; Lohman, William H; Jenkins, D Graham; Gardner, James V; Dudley, Walter C; Caulet, Jean-Pierre; Boersma, Anne; Barton, Charles E; Baker, Paul A; Kennett, James P; von der Borch, Christopher C (1986): Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project. Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project, U.S. Government Printing Office, XC, 744 pp + 1517 pp,
Latitude: -45.523500 * Longitude: 174.948000
Date/Time Start: 1983-01-03T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 1983-01-03T00:00:00
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 40.05 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 488.25 m
90-594 * Latitude: -45.523500 * Longitude: 174.948000 * Date/Time: 1983-01-03T00:00:00 * Elevation: -1204.0 m * Penetration: 505.1 m * Recovery: 300.7 m * Location: South Pacific/CONT RISE * Campaign: Leg90 * Basis: Glomar Challenger * Method/Device: Drilling/drill rig (DRILL) * Comment: 50 cores; 475.3 m cored; 28.8 m drilled; 63.3 % recovery
Morphotype abundances: + = one specimen; R = rare (less than 5 specimens); C = common (between 5 and 20 specimens); F = frequent (more than 20 specimens). The following samples were barren of radiolarians: 90-594-18-1,84-86; 90-594-18-2,84-86; 90-594-18-4,84-86; 90-594-21-4,84-86; 90-594-34-1,84-86; 90-594-34-5,84-86; 90-594-38-2,84-86; 90-594-41-3,84-86; 90-594-41-4,84-86; 90-594-43-1,84-86.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmGeocode
2Sample code/labelSample labelCaulet, Jean-PierreDSDP/ODP/IODP sample designation
3EpochEpochCaulet, Jean-Pierre
4Radiolarian zoneRadiolarian zoneCaulet, Jean-Pierre
5Radiolarians abundanceRad abundCaulet, Jean-PierreR = rare, + = very rare
6Radiolarian preservationRad preservCaulet, Jean-PierreG = good, M = moderate, P = poor
7ReworkedRewCaulet, Jean-PierreO = no, R = rare, + = very rare
8Theocalyptra bicornisT. bicornisCaulet, Jean-Pierre
9Antarctissa denticulataA. denticulataCaulet, Jean-Pierre
10Botryostrobus bramlettei tumidulusB. b. tumidulusCaulet, Jean-Pierre
11Antarctissa strelkoviA. strelkoviCaulet, Jean-Pierre
12Phormostichoartus furcaspiculataP. furcaspiculataCaulet, Jean-Pierre
13Triceraspyris antarcticaT. antarcticaCaulet, Jean-Pierre
14Theocalyptra davisianaT. davisianaCaulet, Jean-Pierre
15Actinomma popofskiiA. popofskiiCaulet, Jean-Pierre
16Pseudocubus vemaP. vemaCaulet, Jean-Pierre
17Antarctissa ewingiA. ewingiCaulet, Jean-Pierre
18Saccospyris antarcticaS. antarcticaCaulet, Jean-Pierre
19Stichopodium calvertenseS. calvertenseCaulet, Jean-Pierre
20Phormostichoartus multiseriatusP. multiseriatusCaulet, Jean-Pierre
21Rhizosphaera antarcticaR. antarcticaCaulet, Jean-Pierre
22Spongotrochus glacialisS. glacialisCaulet, Jean-Pierre
23Botryostrobus aquilonaris groupB. aquilonaris grCaulet, Jean-Pierre
24Botryostrobus bramlettei tumidulusB. b. tumidulusCaulet, Jean-Pierre
25Druppatractus irregularisD. irregularisCaulet, Jean-Pierre
26Dictyophimus crisiaeD. crisiaeCaulet, Jean-Pierre
27Lonchosphaera spicataL. spicataCaulet, Jean-Pierre
28Clathrocyclas bicornisC. bicornisCaulet, Jean-Pierre
29Botryostrobus bramlettei pretumidulusB. b. pretumidulusCaulet, Jean-Pierre
30Eucyrtidium teuscheri orthoporusE. teuscheri orthoporusCaulet, Jean-Pierre
31Stichopodium biconicumS. biconicumCaulet, Jean-Pierre
32Stylatractus universusS. universusCaulet, Jean-Pierre
33Actinomma tetrapylaA. tetrapylaCaulet, Jean-Pierre
34Lamprocyrtis heteroporosL. heteroporosCaulet, Jean-Pierre
35Stylatractus aff. universusS. aff. universusCaulet, Jean-Pierre
36Botryostrobus auritus/australisB. auritus/australisCaulet, Jean-Pierre
37Saccospyris preantarcticaS. preantarcticaCaulet, Jean-Pierre
38Spirocyrtis subscalarisS. subscalarisCaulet, Jean-Pierre
39Anthocyrtidium ehrenbergiiA. ehrenbergiiCaulet, Jean-Pierre
40Lamprocyclas aff. maritalisL. aff. maritalisCaulet, Jean-Pierre
41Stichocorys peregrinaS. peregrinaCaulet, Jean-Pierre
42Stichopodium inflatumS. inflatumCaulet, Jean-Pierre
43Prunopyle titanP. titanCaulet, Jean-Pierre
44Spongodiscus sp.Spongodiscus sp.Caulet, Jean-Pierre
45Didymocyrtis antepenultimaD. antepenultimaCaulet, Jean-Pierre
46Diartus hughesiD. hughesiCaulet, Jean-Pierre
47Eucyrtidium punctatumE. punctatumCaulet, Jean-Pierre
48Phormostichoartus doliolumP. doliolumCaulet, Jean-Pierre
49Haliommetta miocenicaH. miocenicaCaulet, Jean-Pierre
50Lamprocyclas margatensisL. margatensisCaulet, Jean-Pierre
51Eucyrtidium teuscheri groupE. teuscheri grCaulet, Jean-Pierre
52Lamprocyclas hannaiL. hannaiCaulet, Jean-Pierre
53Stylosphaera angelinaS. angelinaCaulet, Jean-Pierre
54Phormostichoartus platycephalaP. platycephalaCaulet, Jean-Pierre
55Dictyophimus splendensD. splendensCaulet, Jean-Pierre
56Lithopera neoteraL. neoteraCaulet, Jean-Pierre
57Cyrtocapsella japonicaC. japonicaCaulet, Jean-Pierre
58Botryostrobus bramlettei bramletteiB. b. bramletteiCaulet, Jean-Pierre
59Spirocyrtis subtilisS. subtilisCaulet, Jean-Pierre
60Polysolenia aff. murrayanaP. aff. murrayanaCaulet, Jean-Pierre
61Cyrtocapsella elongataC. elongataCaulet, Jean-Pierre
62Botryostrobus miralestensisB. miralestensisCaulet, Jean-Pierre
63Lithomelissa ehrenbergiiL. ehrenbergiiCaulet, Jean-Pierre
64Siphostichartus coronaS. coronaCaulet, Jean-Pierre
65Prunopyle hayesiP. hayesiCaulet, Jean-Pierre
66Siphocampe modeloensisS. modeloensisCaulet, Jean-Pierre
67Botryostrobus sp.Botryostrobus sp.Caulet, Jean-Pierre
68Botryocella cribrosa groupB. cribrosa grCaulet, Jean-Pierre
69Botryopyle dionisiB. dionisiCaulet, Jean-Pierre
70Circodiscus ellipticusC. ellipticusCaulet, Jean-Pierre
71Clathrocyclas cabrilloensisC. cabrilloensisCaulet, Jean-Pierre
72Clathrocyclas humerusC. humerusCaulet, Jean-Pierre
73Cyrtocapsella cornutaC. cornutaCaulet, Jean-Pierre
74Cyrtocapsella tetraperaC. tetraperaCaulet, Jean-Pierre
75Didymocyrtis laticonusD. laticonusCaulet, Jean-Pierre
76Eucyrtidium cienkowskiiE. cienkowskiiCaulet, Jean-Pierre
77Lychnocanium grandeL. grandeCaulet, Jean-Pierre
78Phormostichoartus corbulaP. corbulaCaulet, Jean-Pierre
79Phormostichoartus fistulaP. fistulaCaulet, Jean-Pierre
80Phormostichoartus marylandicusP. marylandicusCaulet, Jean-Pierre
81Collosphaera polygona groupC. polygona grCaulet, Jean-Pierre
82Stauroxiphos communisS. communisCaulet, Jean-Pierre
83Stichocorys delmontensisS. delmontensisCaulet, Jean-Pierre
6144 data points

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