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Hayward, Bruce W; Grenfell, Hugh R; Sabaa, Ashwaq T; Sikes, Elisabeth L (2005): Relative abundances of middle Pleistocene benthic foraminifera in ODP Site 181-1125. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Hayward, BW et al. (2005): Deep-sea benthic foraminiferal record of the Middle Pleistocene Climate Transition in the South-west Pacific. In: M. J. Head and P. L. Gibbard (eds.). Early Middle Pleistocene transitions: the land-ocean evidence. Geological Society (London), Special Publication, 247, 85-115

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Latitude: -42.549800 * Longitude: -178.166467
Date/Time Start: 1998-10-01T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 1998-10-06T00:00:00
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 9.00 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 19.20 m
181-1125 * Latitude: -42.549800 * Longitude: -178.166467 * Date/Time Start: 1998-10-01T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 1998-10-06T00:00:00 * Elevation: -1365.1 m * Penetration: 755.6 m * Recovery: 720.6 m * Location: South Pacific Ocean * Campaign: Leg181 * Basis: Joides Resolution * Device: Composite Core (COMPCORE) * Comment: 80 cores; 755.6 m cored; 0 m drilled; 95.4% recovery
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmGeocode
2Sample code/labelSample labelHayward, Bruce WODP sample designation
3Abditodendrix pseudothalmanniA. pseudothalmanni%Hayward, Bruce W
4Alexanderina viejoensisA. viejoensis%Hayward, Bruce W
5Alliatinella differensA. differens%Hayward, Bruce W
6Alabaminella weddellensisA. weddellensis%Hayward, Bruce W
7Amphicoryna separansA. separans%Hayward, Bruce W
8Amphicoryna sp.Amphicoryna sp.%Hayward, Bruce W
9Anomalinoides sp.Anomalinoides sp.%Hayward, Bruce Wvar. B
10Anomalinoides sp.Anomalinoides sp.%Hayward, Bruce Wvar. G
11Anomalinoides sp.Anomalinoides sp.%Hayward, Bruce Wvar. J
12Anomalinoides sp.Anomalinoides sp.%Hayward, Bruce Wvar. K
13Anomalinoides sp.Anomalinoides sp.%Hayward, Bruce Wvar. L
14Anomalinoides sp.Anomalinoides sp.%Hayward, Bruce Wvar. N
15Anomalinoides sp.Anomalinoides sp.%Hayward, Bruce Wvar. N
16Anomalinoides sp.Anomalinoides sp.%Hayward, Bruce Windet
17Anomalinoides awamoanaA. awamoana%Hayward, Bruce W
18Anomalinoides cf. awamoanaA. cf. awamoana%Hayward, Bruce W
19Anomalinoides colligeraA. colligera%Hayward, Bruce W
20Anomalinoides globulosusA. globulosus%Hayward, Bruce W
21Anomalinoides cf. macraglabraA. cf. macraglabra%Hayward, Bruce W
22Anomalinoides parvumbiliusA. parvumbilia%Hayward, Bruce W
23Anomalinoides aff. pinguiglabraA. aff. pinguiglabra%Hayward, Bruce W
24Anomalinoides sphericaA. spherica%Hayward, Bruce Ws.l.
25Anomalinoides semicribratusA. semicribratus%Hayward, Bruce W
26Anomalinoides tasmanicaA. tasmanica%Hayward, Bruce W
27Astrononion novozealandicumA. novozealandicum%Hayward, Bruce W
28Astrononion stelligerumA. stelligerum%Hayward, Bruce W
29Astacolus crepidulusA. crepidulus%Hayward, Bruce W
30Astacolus sp.Astacolus sp.%Hayward, Bruce Wquestionable
31Baggina sp.Baggina sp.%Hayward, Bruce W
32Bifarilaminella advenaB. advena%Hayward, Bruce W
33Bolivina acerosaB. acerosa%Hayward, Bruce W
34Bolivina alataB. alata%Hayward, Bruce W
35Bolivina cacozelaB. cacozela%Hayward, Bruce W
36Bolivina compactaB. compacta%Hayward, Bruce W
37Bolivina sp.Bolivina sp.%Hayward, Bruce Wvar. D
38Bolivina sp.Bolivina sp.%Hayward, Bruce Wvar. E
39Bolivina glutinataB. glutinata%Hayward, Bruce W
40Bolivina lobataB. lobata%Hayward, Bruce W
41Bolivina pusillaB. pusilla%Hayward, Bruce W
42Bolivina pygmaeaB. pygmaea%Hayward, Bruce W
43Bolivinita quadrilateraB. quadrilatera%Hayward, Bruce W
44Bolivina robustaB. robusta%Hayward, Bruce W
45Bolivina subspinescensB. subspinescens%Hayward, Bruce W
46Bolivina seminudaB. seminuda%Hayward, Bruce W
47Bolivina spathulataB. spathulata%Hayward, Bruce W
48Bolivina striatulaB. striatula%Hayward, Bruce W
49Bolivina subexcavataB. subexcavata%Hayward, Bruce W
50Bulimina marginata forma aculeataB. marginata f aculeata%Hayward, Bruce W
51Bulimina marginata forma acanthiaB. marginata f acanthia%Hayward, Bruce W
52Buliminella elegantissimaB. elegantissima%Hayward, Bruce W
53Bulimina exilisB. exilis%Hayward, Bruce W
54Bulimina gibbaB. gibba%Hayward, Bruce W
55Bulimina marginata forma marginataB. marginata f marginata%Hayward, Bruce W
56Burseolina sp. cf. pacificaB. sp. cf. pacifica%Hayward, Bruce W
57Bulimina striataB. striata%Hayward, Bruce W
58Bulimina truncanaB. truncana%Hayward, Bruce W
59Cassidella bradyiC. bradyi%Hayward, Bruce W
60Cassidulina carinataC. carinata%Hayward, Bruce W
61Cassidulina norvangiC. norvangi%Hayward, Bruce W
62Chilostomella oolinaC. oolina%Hayward, Bruce W
63Cibicides bradyiC. bradyi%Hayward, Bruce W
64Cibicidoides cicatricosusC. cicatricosus%Hayward, Bruce W
65Cibicides deliquatusC. deliquatus%Hayward, Bruce W
66Cibicides disparsC. dispars%Hayward, Bruce Ws.l.
67Cibicides lobatulusC. lobatulus%Hayward, Bruce W
68Cibicidoides neoperforatusC. neoperforatus%Hayward, Bruce W
69Cibicides pachydermaC. pachyderma%Hayward, Bruce W
70Cibicides refulgensC. refulgens%Hayward, Bruce W
71Cibicides robertsonianusC. robertsonianus%Hayward, Bruce Ws.l.
72Cibicides subhaidingeriiC. subhaidingerii%Hayward, Bruce W
73Cibicidoides temperatusC. temperatus%Hayward, Bruce W
74Cibicidoides tesnersianusC. tesnersianus%Hayward, Bruce W
75Cibicides variabilisC. variabilis%Hayward, Bruce W
76Cibicides wuellerstorfiC. wuellerstorfi%Hayward, Bruce W
77Cornuspira foliaceaC. foliacea%Hayward, Bruce W
78Cushmanina spp.Cushmanina spp.%Hayward, Bruce W
79Dentalina mutsuiD. mutsui%Hayward, Bruce W
80Discorbinella berthelotiD. bertheloti%Hayward, Bruce W
81Discorbinella complanataD. complanata%Hayward, Bruce W
82Discorbinella subcomplanataD. subcomplanata%Hayward, Bruce W
83Discorbinella timidaD. timida%Hayward, Bruce W
84Discorbinella vitrevolutaD. vitrevoluta%Hayward, Bruce W
85Eggerella bradyiE. bradyi%Hayward, Bruce W
86Ehrenbergina carinataE. carinata%Hayward, Bruce W
87Ehrenbergina mestayeriE. mestayeri%Hayward, Bruce W
88Ehrenbergina trigonaE. trigona%Hayward, Bruce W
89Eilohedra pusillaE. pusilla%Hayward, Bruce W
90Eilohedra leviculaE. levicula%Hayward, Bruce W
91Elphidium advenumE. advenum%Hayward, Bruce W
92Elphidium charlottenseE. charlottense%Hayward, Bruce W
93Elphidium novozealandicumE. novozealandicum%Hayward, Bruce W
94Elphidium excavatumE. excavatum%Hayward, Bruce W
95Epistominella sp.Epistominella sp.%Hayward, Bruce Wvar. A (see ref. coll.)
96Eponides cf. broeckhianusE. cf. broeckhianus%Hayward, Bruce W
97Epistominella minimaE. minima%Hayward, Bruce W
98Epistominella umboniferaE. umbonifera%Hayward, Bruce W
99Epistominella exiguaE. exigua%Hayward, Bruce W
100Evolvocassidulina belfordiE. belfordi%Hayward, Bruce W
101Evolvocassidulina bradyiE. bradyi%Hayward, Bruce W
102Evolvocassidulina cf. eadeiE. cf. eadei%Hayward, Bruce W
103Evolvocassidulina orientalisE. orientalis%Hayward, Bruce W
104Evolvocassidulina tenuisE. tenuis%Hayward, Bruce W
105Favulina sp.Favulina sp.%Hayward, Bruce W
106Fissurina spp.Fissurina spp.%Hayward, Bruce W
107Fursenkoina cf. bramletteiF. cf. bramlettei%Hayward, Bruce W
108Fursenkoina complanataF. complanata%Hayward, Bruce W
109Fursenkoina schreibersianaF. schreibersiana%Hayward, Bruce W
110Fursenkoina texturataF. texturata%Hayward, Bruce W
111Gavelinopsis praegeriG. praegeri%Hayward, Bruce WGavelinopsis praegeri (=lobatula)
112Globobulimina pacificaG. pacifica%Hayward, Bruce W
113Globobulimina turgidaG. turgida%Hayward, Bruce W
114Globocasidulina canalisutrataG. canalisutrata%Hayward, Bruce W
115Globocassidulina minutaG. minuta%Hayward, Bruce W
116Globocassidulina productaG. producta%Hayward, Bruce W
117Globocassidulina crassaG. crassa%Hayward, Bruce W
118Globocassidulina subglobosaG. subglobosa%Hayward, Bruce W
119Glabratella margaritaceaG. margaritacea%Hayward, Bruce W
120Gyroidinoides danvillensisG. danvillensis%Hayward, Bruce W
121Gyroidinoides kawagataiG. kawagatai%Hayward, Bruce W
122Gyroidinoides pulisukensisG. pulisukensis%Hayward, Bruce W
123Gyroidinoides pseudorbicularisG. pseudorbicularis%Hayward, Bruce W
124Gyroidinoides soldaniiG. soldanii%Hayward, Bruce W
125Gyroidinoides zealandicaG. zealandica%Hayward, Bruce W
126Haynesina depressulaH. depressula%Hayward, Bruce W
127Heronallenia laevisH. laevis%Hayward, Bruce W
128Heronallenia lingulataH. lingulata%Hayward, Bruce W
129Heronallenia parvaH. parva%Hayward, Bruce W
130Heronallenia politaH. polita%Hayward, Bruce W
131Heronallenia pulvinulinoidesH. pulvinulinoides%Hayward, Bruce W
132Hoeglundina elegansH. elegans%Hayward, Bruce W
133Homalohedra spp.Homalohedra spp.%Hayward, Bruce W
134Hanzawaia sp.Hanzawaia sp.%Hayward, Bruce W
135Ioanella tumidulaI. tumidula%Hayward, Bruce W
136Karreria maoriaK. maoria%Hayward, Bruce W
137Laevidentalina sp.Laevidentalina sp.%Hayward, Bruce W
138Laevidentalina aphelisL. aphelis%Hayward, Bruce W
139Laevidentalina neugeboreniL. neugeboreni%Hayward, Bruce W
140Lagena spp.Lagena spp.%Hayward, Bruce W
141Lagnea sp.Lagnea sp.%Hayward, Bruce W
142Lagenosolenia spp.Lagenosolenia spp.%Hayward, Bruce W
143Laminononion tumidumL. tumidum%Hayward, Bruce W
144Laticarinina altocamerataL. altocamerata%Hayward, Bruce W
145Lenticulina australisL. australis%Hayward, Bruce W
146Lenticulina calcarL. calcar%Hayward, Bruce W
147Lenticulina cultrataL. cultrata%Hayward, Bruce W
148Lenticulina gibbaL. gibba%Hayward, Bruce W
149Lenticulina limbosaL. limbosa%Hayward, Bruce W
150Lenticulina subgibbaL. subgibba%Hayward, Bruce W
151Lenticulina suborbicularisL. suborbicularis%Hayward, Bruce W
152Martinottiella communisM. communis%Hayward, Bruce W
153Melonis affinisM. affinis%Hayward, Bruce W
154Melonis sp.Melonis sp.%Hayward, Bruce Wvar. A
155Melonis pacimaoricaM. pacimaorica%Hayward, Bruce W
156Melonis pompilioidesM. pompilioides%Hayward, Bruce W
157Miliolinella subrotundaM. subrotunda%Hayward, Bruce W
158Myllostomella fijiensisM. fijiensis%Hayward, Bruce W
159Neolenticulina peregrinaN. peregrina%Hayward, Bruce W
160Neouvigerina auberianaN. auberiana%Hayward, Bruce W
161Neouvigerina interruptaN. interrupta%Hayward, Bruce W
162Neouvigerina proboscideaN. proboscidea%Hayward, Bruce W
163Nodosaria ewaldiN. ewaldi%Hayward, Bruce W
164Nodosaria longiscataN. longiscata%Hayward, Bruce W
165Nodosaria nebulosaN. nebulosa%Hayward, Bruce W
166Nonionella aurisN. auris%Hayward, Bruce W
167Nonion sp.Nonion sp.%Hayward, Bruce W?Nonion sp. B
168Nonion sp.Nonion sp.%Hayward, Bruce W?Nonion sp. C
169Nonion sp.Nonion sp.%Hayward, Bruce W?Nonion sp. D
170Nonion sp.Nonion sp.%Hayward, Bruce W?Nonion sp. E (see ref)
171Nonion sp.Nonion sp.%Hayward, Bruce Wvar. F
172Nonion cassidulinoidesN. cassidulinoides%Hayward, Bruce W
173Nonionellina flemingiN. flemingi%Hayward, Bruce W
174Nonionella grateloupiN. grateloupi%Hayward, Bruce W
175Nonionella magnalinuaN. magnalinua%Hayward, Bruce W
176Nonion cf. mexicanumN. cf. mexicanum%Hayward, Bruce W
177Nonionoides turgidaN. turgida%Hayward, Bruce W
178Notorotalia depressaN. depressa%Hayward, Bruce W
179Notorotalia finlayiN. finlayi%Hayward, Bruce W
180Notorotalia profundaN. profunda%Hayward, Bruce W
181Notorotalia zelandicaN. zelandica%Hayward, Bruce W
182Oolina spp.Oolina spp.%Hayward, Bruce W
183Ophthalmidium sp.Ophthalmidium sp.%Hayward, Bruce W
184Oridorsalis umbonatusO. umbonatus%Hayward, Bruce W
185Orthomorphina perversaO. perversa%Hayward, Bruce W
186Orthomorphina triniterasensisO. triniterasensis%Hayward, Bruce W
187Osangularia bengalensisO. bengalensis%Hayward, Bruce W
188Palliolatella spp.Palliolatella spp.%Hayward, Bruce W
189Patellina corrugataP. corrugata%Hayward, Bruce W
190Parafissurina spp.Parafissurina spp.%Hayward, Bruce W
191Pileolina patelliformisP. patelliformis%Hayward, Bruce W
192Pileolina radiataP. radiata%Hayward, Bruce W
193Pileolina zealandicaP. zealandica%Hayward, Bruce W
194Pleurostomella acuminataP. acuminata%Hayward, Bruce W
195Planoglabratella opercularisP. opercularis%Hayward, Bruce W
196Porogavelinella ujiieiP. ujiiei%Hayward, Bruce W
197Praeglobobulimina pupoidesP. pupoides%Hayward, Bruce W
198Procerolagena spp.Procerolagena spp.%Hayward, Bruce W
199Proxifrons aequalisP. aequalis%Hayward, Bruce W
200Pseudononion clavatumP. clavatum%Hayward, Bruce W
201Pseudononion granuloumbilicatumP. granuloumbilicatum%Hayward, Bruce W
202Pullenia sp.Pullenia sp.%Hayward, Bruce Wvar. A, questionable
203Pullenia bulloidesP. bulloides%Hayward, Bruce W
204Pullenia quinquelobaP. quinqueloba%Hayward, Bruce W
205Pullenia salisburyiP. salisburyi%Hayward, Bruce W
206Pyrgo anomalaP. anomala%Hayward, Bruce W
207Pyrgo depressaP. depressa%Hayward, Bruce W
208Pyrgo murrhinaP. murrhina%Hayward, Bruce W
209Quadrimorphina laevigataQ. laevigata%Hayward, Bruce W
210Quadrimorphina pesciculaQ. pescicula%Hayward, Bruce W
211Quinqueloculina agglutinansQ. agglutinans%Hayward, Bruce W
212Quinqueloculina auberianaQ. auberiana%Hayward, Bruce W
213Quinqueloculina oblongaQ. oblonga%Hayward, Bruce W
214Quinqueloculina parvagglutaQ. parvaggluta%Hayward, Bruce W
215Quinqueloculina seminulaQ. seminula%Hayward, Bruce W
216Quinqueloculina venustaQ. venusta%Hayward, Bruce W
217Rectuvigerina striataR. striata%Hayward, Bruce W
218Reussella sp.Reussella sp.%Hayward, Bruce W
219Robertina sp.Robertina sp.%Hayward, Bruce W
220Rosalina irregularisR. irregularis%Hayward, Bruce W
221Rosalina pauperataR. pauperata%Hayward, Bruce W
222Rosalina vitrizeaR. vitrizea%Hayward, Bruce W
223Rutherfordoides rotundataR. rotundata%Hayward, Bruce W
224Saidovina karrerianaS. karreriana%Hayward, Bruce W
225Saracenaria latifronsS. latifrons%Hayward, Bruce W
226Seabrookia earlandiS. earlandi%Hayward, Bruce W
227Siphogenerina dimorphaS. dimorpha%Hayward, Bruce W
228Sigmoilopsis ellipticaS. elliptica%Hayward, Bruce W
229Sigmoilopsis schlumbergeriS. schlumbergeri%Hayward, Bruce W
230Sigmoilopsis wanganuiensisS. wanganuiensis%Hayward, Bruce W
231Siphonaperta macbeathiS. macbeathi%Hayward, Bruce W
232Siphonodosaria ketziensisS. ketziensis%Hayward, Bruce W
233Siphonodosaria lepidula forma lepidulaS. lepidula f lepidula%Hayward, Bruce W
234Siphonodosaria lepidula forma spinataS. lepidula f spinata%Hayward, Bruce W
235Sphaeroidina bulloidesS. bulloides%Hayward, Bruce W
236Spiroplectammina biformisS. biformis%Hayward, Bruce W
237Spiroplectinella proxispiraS. proxispira%Hayward, Bruce W
238Spirosigmoilina pusillaS. pusilla%Hayward, Bruce W
239Spirosigmoilina tenuisS. tenuis%Hayward, Bruce W
240Siphotextularia blackiS. blacki%Hayward, Bruce W
241Siphotextularia fretensisS. fretensis%Hayward, Bruce W
242Siphotextularia rolshauseniS. rolshauseni%Hayward, Bruce W
243Subanomalina guadalupensisS. guadalupensis%Hayward, Bruce W
244Trifarina angulosaT. angulosa%Hayward, Bruce W
245Trifarina occidentalisT. occidentalis%Hayward, Bruce W
246Triloculina tricarinataT. tricarinata%Hayward, Bruce W
247Triloculina trigonulaT. trigonula%Hayward, Bruce W
248Textularia pseudogramenT. pseudogramen%Hayward, Bruce W
249Uvigerina hornibrookU. hornibrook%Hayward, Bruce W
250Uvigerina peregrinaU. peregrina%Hayward, Bruce W
251Vaginulina spinigeraV. spinigera%Hayward, Bruce W
252Vaginulinopsis sp.Vaginulinopsis sp.%Hayward, Bruce W
5271 data points

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