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Udisti, Roberto; Schwander, Jakob (2004): Dome C fixpoints of first subrange of EDC1 for ice core EDC99. PANGAEA,

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Schwander, Jakob; Jouzel, Jean; Hammer, C U; Petit, Jean-Robert; Udisti, Roberto; Wolff, Eric W (2001): A tentative chronology for the EPICA Dome Concordia ice core. Geophysical Research Letters, 28(22), 4243-4246,
Udisti, Roberto; Becagli, Silvia; Castellano, Emiliano; Mulvaney, Robert; Schwander, Jakob; Torcini, S; Wolff, Eric W (2000): Holocene electrical and chemical measurements from the EPICA-Dome C ice core. Annals of Glaciology, 30, 20-26,
Fifth Framework Programme (FP5), grant/award no. EVK2-CT-2000-00077: European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica
Fourth Framework Programme (FP4), grant/award no. ENV4980702: European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica
Latitude: -75.100000 * Longitude: 123.350000
Minimum DEPTH, ice/snow: -0.21 m * Maximum DEPTH, ice/snow: 42.00 m
EDC99 * Latitude: -75.100000 * Longitude: 123.350000 * Elevation: 3233.0 m * Campaign: Dome C * Method/Device: Drilling/drill rig (DRILL)
Fixpoints of first subrange of EDC1, Dome C age scale. Depth -0.21 and 2.1 are from nearby snow pit. Depth offset compared to main core (-0.85 m) corrected. Snow surface at start of drilling (1996/97) is at appr 0.85 m according to the official log depth.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1DEPTH, ice/snowDepth ice/snowmGeocode
2AGEAgeka BPGeocode
3AgeAgea AD/CESchwander, JakobAge model calibrationAge of volcanic event
4--Schwander, Jakob
28 data points

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