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Cowles, Timothy (2003): Physical oceanography from SeaSoar CTD at line KIWI-6/SeaSoar_3_to_4. PANGAEA,

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Related to:
Cowles, Timothy; Barth, John A; Richman, James G (2003): SeaSoar CTD and Fluorometer. United States JGOFS Process Study Data 1989-1998; CD-ROM volume 1, version 2, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA: U.S. JGOFS Data Management Office
Further details:
Cowles, Tim; Barth, Jack; Richman, Jim: Southern Ocean process study - seasoar (rr kiwi 6). US JGOFS (Joint Global Ocean Flux Study) Data System, seasoar_rr-kiwi_6.htm
Median Latitude: -61.458607 * Median Longitude: -170.850786 * South-bound Latitude: -61.463800 * West-bound Longitude: -171.092000 * North-bound Latitude: -61.457000 * East-bound Longitude: -170.614000
Date/Time Start: 1997-11-10T12:07:00 * Date/Time End: 1997-11-10T13:57:00
Minimum DEPTH, water: 0.99 m * Maximum DEPTH, water: 397.38 m
KIWI-6/SeaSoar_3_to_4 (line3_to_4) * Latitude Start: -61.463800 * Longitude Start: -171.092000 * Latitude End: -61.458400 * Longitude End: -170.614500 * Date/Time Start: 1997-11-10T12:07:00 * Date/Time End: 1997-11-10T13:57:00 * Location: Southern Ocean * Campaign: KIWI-6 * Basis: Roger A. Revelle * Method/Device: Sea soar profile (SEASOAR)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
4DEPTH, waterDepth watermGeocode
5Pressure, waterPressdbarCowles, Timothy
6Temperature, waterTemp°CCowles, Timothy
7SalinitySalCowles, TimothyPSS
8Chlorophyll aChl aµg/lCowles, Timothy1st fluorometer
9Chlorophyll aChl aµg/lCowles, Timothy2st fluorometer
10Temperature, water, potentialTpot°CCowles, Timothy
11Density, sigma-theta (0)Sigma-thetakg/m3Cowles, Timothy
15102 data points

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