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Biebow, Nicole (2003): Assemblage of dinoflagellate cysts analysed in surface sediment samples off Peru. PANGAEA,

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Biebow, Nicole (1996): Dinoflagellatenzysten als Indikatoren der spät- und postglazialen Entwicklung des Auftriebsgeschehens vor Peru. GEOMAR Report, GEOMAR Research Center for Marine Geosciences, Christian Albrechts University in Kiel, 57, 100 pp
Median Latitude: -10.578233 * Median Longitude: -78.858667 * South-bound Latitude: -11.469500 * West-bound Longitude: -79.900167 * North-bound Latitude: -9.426500 * East-bound Longitude: -78.023500
Date/Time Start: 1992-03-22T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 1992-03-28T04:29:00
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 0.005 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 0.005 m
SO78_160-4 * Latitude: -11.067167 * Longitude: -78.426000 * Date/Time: 1992-03-22T00:00:00 * Elevation: -804.0 m * Recovery: 0.42 m * Campaign: SO78 (PERUVENT) * Basis: Sonne * Method/Device: Giant box corer (GKG)
SO78_161-1 * Latitude: -11.469500 * Longitude: -78.159000 * Date/Time: 1992-03-22T12:20:00 * Elevation: -511.0 m * Recovery: 0.42 m * Campaign: SO78 (PERUVENT) * Basis: Sonne * Method/Device: Giant box corer (GKG)
SO78_162-3 * Latitude: -11.328500 * Longitude: -78.023500 * Date/Time: 1992-03-22T16:57:00 * Elevation: -281.0 m * Recovery: 0.42 m * Campaign: SO78 (PERUVENT) * Basis: Sonne * Method/Device: Giant box corer (GKG)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Event labelEvent
2DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmGeocode
3Dry massDry mgBiebow, Nicole
4Marker, addedMark add#Biebow, Nicole
5Dinoflagellate cystDinofl cyst#Biebow, Nicole
6Dinoflagellate cyst per unit massDinofl cyst#/gBiebow, Nicole
7AchomosphaeraAchomo#Biebow, Nicole
8AchomosphaeraAchomo%Biebow, Nicole
9BrigantediniumBrigantedinium#Biebow, Nicole
10BrigantediniumBrigantedinium%Biebow, Nicole
11Brigantedinium cariacoenseB. cariacoense#Biebow, Nicole
12Brigantedinium cariacoenseB. cariacoense%Biebow, Nicole
13Brigantedinium majuskulumB. majuskulum#Biebow, Nicole
14Brigantedinium majuskulumB. majuskulum%Biebow, Nicole
15Dinoflagellate cyst indeterminataDinofl indet#Biebow, NicoleType 1
16Dinoflagellate cyst indeterminataDinofl indet#Biebow, NicoleType 2
17Dinoflagellate cyst indeterminataDinofl indet#Biebow, NicoleType 3
18Dinoflagellate cyst indeterminataDinofl indet#Biebow, Nicole
19Dinoflagellate cyst indeterminataDinofl cyst indet%Biebow, NicoleType 1
20Dinoflagellate cyst indeterminataDinofl cyst indet%Biebow, NicoleType 2
21Dinoflagellate cyst indeterminataDinofl cyst indet%Biebow, NicoleType 3
22Dinoflagellate cyst indeterminataDinofl cyst indet%Biebow, Nicole
23Impagidinium sphaericumI. sphaericum#Biebow, Nicole
24Impagidinium sphaericumI. sphaericum%Biebow, Nicole
25Lingulodinium machaerophorumL. machaerophorum#Biebow, Nicole
26Lingulodinium machaerophorumL. machaerophorum%Biebow, Nicole
27Nematosphaeropsis labyrinthusN. labyrinthus#Biebow, Nicole
28Nematosphaeropsis labyrinthusN. labyrinthus%Biebow, Nicole
29Operculodinium centrocarpumO. centrocarpum#Biebow, Nicole
30Operculodinium centrocarpumO. centrocarpum%Biebow, Nicole
31Quenquecuspis concretumQ. concretum#Biebow, Nicole
32Quenquecuspis concretumQ. concretum%Biebow, Nicole
33Selenopemphix nephroidesS. nephroides#Biebow, Nicole
34Selenopemphix nephroidesS. nephroides%Biebow, Nicole
35Selenopemphix quantaS. quanta#Biebow, Nicole
36Selenopemphix quantaS. quanta%Biebow, Nicole
37Spiniferites beleriusS. belerius#Biebow, Nicole
38Spiniferites beleriusS. belerius%Biebow, Nicole
39Spiniferites bulloideusS. bulloideus#Biebow, Nicoleincluding S. ramosus
40Spiniferites bulloideusS. bulloideus%Biebow, Nicoleincluding S. ramosus
41Spiniferites membranaceusS. membranaceus#Biebow, Nicole
42Spiniferites membranaceusS. membranaceus%Biebow, Nicole
43Spiniferites mirabilisS. mirabilis#Biebow, Nicole
44Spiniferites mirabilisS. mirabilis%Biebow, Nicole
45Spiniferites pachydermusS. pachydermus#Biebow, Nicole
46Spiniferites pachydermusS. pachydermus%Biebow, Nicole
47SpiniferitesSpiniferites#Biebow, Nicole
48SpiniferitesSpiniferites%Biebow, Nicole
49Stelladinium stellatumS. stellatum#Biebow, Nicole
50Stelladinium stellatumS. stellatum%Biebow, Nicole
51Tectatodinium pellitumT. pellitum#Biebow, Nicole
52Tectatodinium pellitumT. pellitum%Biebow, Nicole
53Trinovantedinium capitatumT. capitatum#Biebow, Nicole
54Trinovantedinium capitatumT. capitatum%Biebow, Nicole
55Votadinium calvumV. calvum#Biebow, Nicole
56Votadinium calvumV. calvum%Biebow, Nicole
57Votadinium spinosumV. spinosum#Biebow, Nicole
58Votadinium spinosumV. spinosum%Biebow, Nicole
59CystsCysts#Biebow, NicoleCyst A (Wall et al, 1977)
60CystsCysts#Biebow, NicoleCyst B (Wall et al, 1977)
61CystsCysts#Biebow, NicoleCyst C (Wall et al, 1977)
62CystsCysts#Biebow, NicoleCyst D (Wall et al, 1977)
63CystsCysts%Biebow, NicoleCyst A (Wall et al, 1977)
64CystsCysts%Biebow, NicoleCyst B (Wall et al, 1977)
65CystsCysts%Biebow, NicoleCyst C (Wall et al, 1977)
66CystsCysts%Biebow, NicoleCyst D (Wall et al, 1977)
67Pentapharsodinium daleiP. dalei#Biebow, Nicole
68Pentapharsodinium daleiP. dalei%Biebow, Nicole
69Polykrikos hartmaniiP. hartmanii#Biebow, Nicole
70Polykrikos hartmaniiP. hartmanii%Biebow, Nicole
71Polykrikos kofoidiiP. kofoidii#Biebow, Nicole
72Polykrikos kofoidiiP. kofoidii%Biebow, Nicole
73Polykrikos schwarziiP. schwarzii#Biebow, Nicole
74Polykrikos schwarziiP. schwarzii%Biebow, Nicole
75Protoperidinium americanumP. americanum#Biebow, Nicole
76Protoperidinium americanumP. americanum%Biebow, Nicole
77Protoperidinium denticulatumP. denticulatum#Biebow, Nicole
78Protoperidinium denticulatumP. denticulatum%Biebow, Nicole
79Protoperidinium sp.Protoperidinium sp.#Biebow, Nicole
80Protoperidinium sp.Protoperidinium sp.%Biebow, Nicole
81Acritarch sp.Acritarch sp.#Biebow, Nicolespecies A
82Acritarch sp.Acritarch sp.%Biebow, Nicolespecies A
83Cymatiosphaera sp.Cymatiosphaera sp.#Biebow, Nicole
84Cymatiosphaera sp.Cymatiosphaera sp.%Biebow, Nicole
85Foraminifera, liningsForam lin#Biebow, Nicole
86Foraminifera, liningsForam linings%Biebow, Nicole
87Pediastrum spp.Ped.spp#Biebow, Nicole
88Pediastrum spp.Pediastrum spp.%Biebow, Nicole
89Plant remainsPlant rem#Biebow, Nicole
90Plant remainsPlant rem%Biebow, Nicole
91Pollen/Spores ratioPollen/SporesBiebow, Nicole
92Pollen/Spores ratioPollen/Spores%Biebow, Nicole
93Tintinnida remainsTintinnid rem#Biebow, Nicole
94Tintinnida remainsTintinnid rem%Biebow, Nicole
95Zoomorpha remainsZoom rem#Biebow, Nicole
96Zoomorpha remainsZoom rem%Biebow, Nicole
470 data points

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