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Spielhagen, Robert F; Simstich, Johannes; Erlenkeuser, Helmut; Stanovoy, Vladimir V (2005): Stable isotopes of benthic foraminifera and ostracoda in surface sediments. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Simstich, Johannes; Erlenkeuser, Helmut; Spielhagen, Robert F; Stanovoy, Vladimir V (2005): Modern and Holocene hydrographic characteristics of the shallow Kara Sea shelf (Siberia) as reflected by stable isotopes of bivalves and benthic foraminifera. Boreas, 34(3), 252-263,

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Median Latitude: 74.331575 * Median Longitude: 78.570968 * South-bound Latitude: 72.049900 * West-bound Longitude: 72.662000 * North-bound Latitude: 77.927000 * East-bound Longitude: 89.332800
Date/Time Start: 1997-09-15T18:01:00 * Date/Time End: 2001-09-10T00:00:00
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 0.01 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 0.01 m
BP00-02/01 * Latitude: 75.401900 * Longitude: 74.003283 * Date/Time: 2000-09-04T05:53:00 * Elevation: -49.6 m * Location: Kara Sea * Campaign: BP00 * Basis: Akademik Boris Petrov * Method/Device: Giant box corer (GKG)
BP00-05/01 * Latitude: 75.837000 * Longitude: 81.005333 * Date/Time: 2000-09-06T04:20:00 * Elevation: -50.0 m * Location: Kara Sea * Campaign: BP00 * Basis: Akademik Boris Petrov * Method/Device: Giant box corer (GKG)
BP00-07/01 * Latitude: 74.657600 * Longitude: 81.141100 * Date/Time: 2000-09-07T06:22:00 * Elevation: -38.0 m * Location: Kara Sea * Campaign: BP00 * Basis: Akademik Boris Petrov * Method/Device: Giant box corer (GKG)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Event labelEvent
4DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmGeocode
5Elphidium groenlandicum, δ13CE. groenlandicum δ13C‰ PDBSimstich, Johannes
6Elphidium groenlandicum, δ18OE. groenlandicum δ18O‰ PDBSimstich, Johannes
7Elphidium bartletti, δ13CE. bartletti δ13C‰ PDBSimstich, Johannes
8Elphidium bartletti, δ18OE. bartletti δ18O‰ PDBSimstich, Johannes
9Elphidium excavatum forma clavata, δ13CE. excavatum f clavata δ13C‰ PDBSimstich, Johannes
10Elphidium excavatum forma clavata, δ18OE. excavatum f clavata δ18O‰ PDBSimstich, Johannes
11Haynesina orbiculare, δ13CH. orbiculare δ13C‰ PDBSimstich, Johannes
12Haynesina orbiculare, δ18OH. orbiculare δ18O‰ PDBSimstich, Johannes
13Paracyprideis pseudopunctillata, δ13CP. pseudopunctillata δ13C‰ PDBSimstich, Johannes
14Paracyprideis pseudopunctillata, δ18OP. pseudopunctillata δ18O‰ PDBSimstich, Johannes
15Roundstonia macchesneyi, δ13CR. macchesneyi δ13C‰ PDBSimstich, Johannes
16Roundstonia macchesneyi, δ18OR. macchesneyi δ18O‰ PDBSimstich, Johannes
17Heterocyprideis sorbyana, δ13CH. sorbyana δ13C‰ PDBSimstich, Johannes
18Heterocyprideis sorbyana, δ18OH. sorbyana δ18O‰ PDBSimstich, Johannes
19Sarsicytheridea punctillata, δ13CS. punctillata δ13C‰ PDBSimstich, Johannes
20Sarsicytheridea punctillata, δ18OS. punctillata δ18O‰ PDBSimstich, Johannes
21DiameterØmmSimstich, JohannesOptical microscopyElphidium groenlandicum, max diameter (mean) of test
22DiameterØmmSimstich, JohannesOptical microscopyElphidium bartletti, max diameter (mean) of test
23DiameterØmmSimstich, JohannesOptical microscopyElphidium excavatum forma clavata, max diameter (mean) of test
24DiameterØmmSimstich, JohannesOptical microscopyHaynesina orbiculare, max diameter (mean) of test
25DiameterØmmSimstich, JohannesOptical microscopyParacyprideis pseudopunctillata, max diameter (mean) of test
26DiameterØmmSimstich, JohannesOptical microscopyRoundstonia macchesneyi, max diameter (mean) of test
27DiameterØmmSimstich, JohannesOptical microscopyHeterocyprideis sorbyana, max diameter (mean) of test
28DiameterØmmSimstich, JohannesOptical microscopySarsicytheridea punctillata, max diameter (mean) of test
2123 data points

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