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Gokhtuni, N G; Gabrielyan, Ivan (2003): Miocene macroflora of Hrazdan/2 (Armenia) [dataset]. PANGAEA,

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Gokhtuni, N G (1966): The new species of Sarmatian flora in the Hrazdan river valley [in Russian]. Dokladi Akademii Nauk Armianskoy SSR, Stratigraphiya (The Reports of Academi of Sciences of Armenian SSR, Stratigraphy), 43, 160-165
Gokhtuni, N G (1968): The Sarmatian flora of Hrazdan river valley near Yerevan [in Russian]. Abstract of the Theses of Candidate of Biological Sciences, 1-15
Gokhtuni, N G (1969): The material of the Sarmatian flora of Hrazdan river valley near Yerevan [in Russian]. Akademia Nauk Armianskoy SSR. Biologicheskiy Zhurnal Armenii (The Academy of Sciences of Armenian SSR. Botanical Magazine of Armenia), 22(10), 103-107
Gokhtuni, N G (1970): The comparision of the Sarmatian flora of Hrazdan river valley with the other Miocene-Pliocene floras [in Russian]. Akademia Nauk Armianskoy SSR. Biologicheskiy Zhurnal Armenii (The Academy of Sciences of Armenian SSR. Botanical Magazine of Armenia), 23(7), 62-65
Gokhtuni, N G (1971): The materials about Sarmatian floras of Armenia [in Russian]. Trudi Botanicheskogo Instituta Akademii Nauk Armyanskoy SSR (The Works of the Institute of Botany of Armenian Academy of Science), 17, 94-128
Latitude: 40.240000 * Longitude: 44.530000
Hrazdan_2 * Latitude: 40.240000 * Longitude: 44.530000 * Elevation: 1130.0 m * Location: Armenia, Hrazdan * Campaign: NECLIME_campaign * Method/Device: Outcrop sample (OUTCROP)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
2Age, minimum/youngAge minkaGabrielyan, Ivan
3Age, maximum/oldAge maxkaGabrielyan, Ivan
4EpochEpochGabrielyan, Ivan
5StageStageGabrielyan, IvanEastern paratethys stages
6FormationFormationGabrielyan, Ivan
7Lithology/composition/faciesLithologyGabrielyan, Ivan
8EnvironmentEnvironmentGabrielyan, Ivan
9Acer razdanicumA. razdanicumGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
10Acer tataricumA. tataricumGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
11Acer tricuspidatumA. tricuspidatumGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
12Berberis sp.Berberis sp.Gabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
13Buxus sempervirensB. sempervirensGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
14Carpinus grandisC. grandisGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
15Carpinus neilreichiiC. neilreichiiGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
16Celtis trachyticaC. trachyticaGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
17Cornus sanguineaC. sanguineaGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
18Cotoneaster andromedaeC. andromedaeGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
19Deutzia palaeogracilisD. palaeogracilisGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
20Diospyros brachysepalaD. brachysepalaGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
21Fraxinus inaequalisF. inaequalisGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
22Glyptostrobus europaeusG. europaeusGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
23Hamamelis kacheticaH. kacheticaGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
24Ilex aquifoliumI. aquifoliumGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
25Leucothoe protogaeaL. protogaeaGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
26Ligustrum vulgareL. vulgareGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
27Litsea primigenaL. primigenaGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
28Myrica lignitumM. lignitumGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
29Nyssa aquaticaN. aquaticaGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
30Phragmites oeningensisP. oeningensisGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
31Pinus sp.Pinus sp.Gabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
32Podocarpium podocarpumP. podocarpumGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
33Populus populinaP. populinaGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
34Quercus sp.Quercus sp.Gabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
35Rhus coriariaR. coriariaGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
36Robinia regeliR. regeliGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
37Salix integraS. integraGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
38Sapindus cupanoidesS. cupanoidesGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
39Tilia sp.Tilia sp.Gabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
40Ulmus carpinoidesU. carpinoidesGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
41Ulmus longifoliaU. longifoliaGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
42Vaccinium vitis-japetiV. vitis-japetiGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
43Viburnum palaeorhytidophyllumV. palaeorhytidophyllumGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
44Zelkova ungeriZ. ungeriGabrielyan, IvanFossil determination
43 data points

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