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Bertrand, Philippe (2003): Documentation of sediment core MD96-2093 [dataset]. PANGAEA,

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Bertrand, Philippe; Shipboard Scientific Party (1997): Les rapport de campagne à la mer à bord du Marion Dufresne - Campagne Nausicaa - IMAGES II - MD105 du 20/10/96 au 25/11/96. Institut Francais pour la Recherche et la technologie Polaires, 381
Latitude: -16.568333 * Longitude: 10.843333
Date/Time Start: 1996-10-13T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 1996-10-13T00:00:00
Minimum Elevation: -2682.0 m * Maximum Elevation: -2682.0 m
MD96-2093 (MD962093) * Latitude: -16.568333 * Longitude: 10.843333 * Date/Time: 1996-10-13T00:00:00 * Elevation: -2682.0 m * Recovery: 21.28 m * Location: Northwest off Kunene * Campaign: MD105 (IMAGES II) * Basis: Marion Dufresne (1995) * Method/Device: Calypso Corer (CALYPSO) * Comment: bended; top very soft, watery olive green mud, great part flown out. Between sections 1 and 2 (150 cm) also watery sediment flown out now voids. Probably original sediment ruptured by piston effect and voids filled with soupy mud from above. lower core pr

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