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Trees, Charles (2003): Particulate absorption data at station TT054_25-7 [dataset]. PANGAEA,

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Related to:
Trees, Charles (2003): Particulate absorption data. United States JGOFS Process Study Data 1989-1998; CD-ROM volume 1, version 2, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA: U.S. JGOFS Data Management Office
Further details:
Trees, Chuck: Notes about Arabian Sea particulate absorption data. US JGOFS (Joint Global Ocean Flux Study) Data System, Trees-pa.htm
Latitude: 17.677900 * Longitude: 58.821200
Date/Time Start: 1995-12-22T16:58:00 * Date/Time End: 1995-12-22T16:58:00
Minimum DEPTH, water: m * Maximum DEPTH, water: 61 m
TT054_25-7 (1995_12221658 CTD-142 5402503) * Latitude: 17.677900 * Longitude: 58.821200 * Date/Time: 1995-12-22T16:58:00 * Location: Arabian Sea * Campaign: TT054 * Basis: Thomas G. Thompson * Method/Device: CTD/Rosette (CTD-RO)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1DEPTH, waterDepth watermGeocode
2Absorption coefficient, 400 nmac4001/mTrees, Charles
3Absorption coefficient, 402 nmac4021/mTrees, Charles
4Absorption coefficient, 404 nmac4041/mTrees, Charles
5Absorption coefficient, 406 nmac4061/mTrees, Charles
6Absorption coefficient, 408 nmac4081/mTrees, Charles
7Absorption coefficient, 410 nmac4101/mTrees, Charles
8Absorption coefficient, 412 nmac4121/mTrees, Charles
9Absorption coefficient, 414 nmac4141/mTrees, Charles
10Absorption coefficient, 416 nmac4161/mTrees, Charles
11Absorption coefficient, 418 nmac4181/mTrees, Charles
12Absorption coefficient, 420 nmac4201/mTrees, Charles
13Absorption coefficient, 422 nmac4221/mTrees, Charles
14Absorption coefficient, 424 nmac4241/mTrees, Charles
15Absorption coefficient, 426 nmac4261/mTrees, Charles
16Absorption coefficient, 428 nmac4281/mTrees, Charles
17Absorption coefficient, 430 nmac4301/mTrees, Charles
18Absorption coefficient, 432 nmac4321/mTrees, Charles
19Absorption coefficient, 434 nmac4341/mTrees, Charles
20Absorption coefficient, 436 nmac4361/mTrees, Charles
21Absorption coefficient, 438 nmac4381/mTrees, Charles
22Absorption coefficient, 440 nmac4401/mTrees, Charles
23Absorption coefficient, 442 nmac4421/mTrees, Charles
24Absorption coefficient, 444 nmac4441/mTrees, Charles
25Absorption coefficient, 446 nmac4461/mTrees, Charles
26Absorption coefficient, 448 nmac4481/mTrees, Charles
27Absorption coefficient, 450 nmac4501/mTrees, Charles
28Absorption coefficient, 452 nmac4521/mTrees, Charles
29Absorption coefficient, 454 nmac4541/mTrees, Charles
30Absorption coefficient, 456 nmac4561/mTrees, Charles
31Absorption coefficient, 458 nmac4581/mTrees, Charles
32Absorption coefficient, 460 nmac4601/mTrees, Charles
33Absorption coefficient, 462 nmac4621/mTrees, Charles
34Absorption coefficient, 464 nmac4641/mTrees, Charles
35Absorption coefficient, 466 nmac4661/mTrees, Charles
36Absorption coefficient, 468 nmac4681/mTrees, Charles
37Absorption coefficient, 470 nmac4701/mTrees, Charles
38Absorption coefficient, 472 nmac4721/mTrees, Charles
39Absorption coefficient, 474 nmac4741/mTrees, Charles
40Absorption coefficient, 476 nmac4761/mTrees, Charles
41Absorption coefficient, 478 nmac4781/mTrees, Charles
42Absorption coefficient, 480 nmac4801/mTrees, Charles
43Absorption coefficient, 482 nmac4821/mTrees, Charles
44Absorption coefficient, 484 nmac4841/mTrees, Charles
45Absorption coefficient, 486 nmac4861/mTrees, Charles
46Absorption coefficient, 488 nmac4881/mTrees, Charles
47Absorption coefficient, 490 nmac4901/mTrees, Charles
48Absorption coefficient, 492 nmac4921/mTrees, Charles
49Absorption coefficient, 494 nmac4941/mTrees, Charles
50Absorption coefficient, 496 nmac4961/mTrees, Charles
51Absorption coefficient, 498 nmac4981/mTrees, Charles
52Absorption coefficient, 500 nmac5001/mTrees, Charles
53Absorption coefficient, 502 nmac5021/mTrees, Charles
54Absorption coefficient, 504 nmac5041/mTrees, Charles
55Absorption coefficient, 506 nmac5061/mTrees, Charles
56Absorption coefficient, 508 nmac5081/mTrees, Charles
57Absorption coefficient, 510 nmac5101/mTrees, Charles
58Absorption coefficient, 512 nmac5121/mTrees, Charles
59Absorption coefficient, 514 nmac5141/mTrees, Charles
60Absorption coefficient, 516 nmac5161/mTrees, Charles
61Absorption coefficient, 518 nmac5181/mTrees, Charles
62Absorption coefficient, 520 nmac5201/mTrees, Charles
63Absorption coefficient, 522 nmac5221/mTrees, Charles
64Absorption coefficient, 524 nmac5241/mTrees, Charles
65Absorption coefficient, 526 nmac5261/mTrees, Charles
66Absorption coefficient, 528 nmac5281/mTrees, Charles
67Absorption coefficient, 530 nmac5301/mTrees, Charles
68Absorption coefficient, 532 nmac5321/mTrees, Charles
69Absorption coefficient, 534 nmac5341/mTrees, Charles
70Absorption coefficient, 536 nmac5361/mTrees, Charles
71Absorption coefficient, 538 nmac5381/mTrees, Charles
72Absorption coefficient, 540 nmac5401/mTrees, Charles
73Absorption coefficient, 542 nmac5421/mTrees, Charles
74Absorption coefficient, 544 nmac5441/mTrees, Charles
75Absorption coefficient, 546 nmac5461/mTrees, Charles
76Absorption coefficient, 548 nmac5481/mTrees, Charles
77Absorption coefficient, 550 nmac5501/mTrees, Charles
78Absorption coefficient, 552 nmac5521/mTrees, Charles
79Absorption coefficient, 554 nmac5541/mTrees, Charles
80Absorption coefficient, 556 nmac5561/mTrees, Charles
81Absorption coefficient, 558 nmac5581/mTrees, Charles
82Absorption coefficient, 560 nmac5601/mTrees, Charles
83Absorption coefficient, 562 nmac5621/mTrees, Charles
84Absorption coefficient, 564 nmac5641/mTrees, Charles
85Absorption coefficient, 566 nmac5661/mTrees, Charles
86Absorption coefficient, 568 nmac5681/mTrees, Charles
87Absorption coefficient, 570 nmac5701/mTrees, Charles
88Absorption coefficient, 572 nmac5721/mTrees, Charles
89Absorption coefficient, 574 nmac5741/mTrees, Charles
90Absorption coefficient, 576 nmac5761/mTrees, Charles
91Absorption coefficient, 578 nmac5781/mTrees, Charles
92Absorption coefficient, 580 nmac5801/mTrees, Charles
93Absorption coefficient, 582 nmac5821/mTrees, Charles
94Absorption coefficient, 584 nmac5841/mTrees, Charles
95Absorption coefficient, 586 nmac5861/mTrees, Charles
96Absorption coefficient, 588 nmac5881/mTrees, Charles
97Absorption coefficient, 590 nmac5901/mTrees, Charles
98Absorption coefficient, 592 nmac5921/mTrees, Charles
99Absorption coefficient, 594 nmac5941/mTrees, Charles
100Absorption coefficient, 596 nmac5961/mTrees, Charles
101Absorption coefficient, 598 nmac5981/mTrees, Charles
102Absorption coefficient, 600 nmac6001/mTrees, Charles
103Absorption coefficient, 602 nmac6021/mTrees, Charles
104Absorption coefficient, 604 nmac6041/mTrees, Charles
105Absorption coefficient, 606 nmac6061/mTrees, Charles
106Absorption coefficient, 608 nmac6081/mTrees, Charles
107Absorption coefficient, 610 nmac6101/mTrees, Charles
108Absorption coefficient, 612 nmac6121/mTrees, Charles
109Absorption coefficient, 614 nmac6141/mTrees, Charles
110Absorption coefficient, 616 nmac6161/mTrees, Charles
111Absorption coefficient, 618 nmac6181/mTrees, Charles
112Absorption coefficient, 620 nmac6201/mTrees, Charles
113Absorption coefficient, 622 nmac6221/mTrees, Charles
114Absorption coefficient, 624 nmac6241/mTrees, Charles
115Absorption coefficient, 626 nmac6261/mTrees, Charles
116Absorption coefficient, 628 nmac6281/mTrees, Charles
117Absorption coefficient, 630 nmac6301/mTrees, Charles
118Absorption coefficient, 632 nmac6321/mTrees, Charles
119Absorption coefficient, 634 nmac6341/mTrees, Charles
120Absorption coefficient, 636 nmac6361/mTrees, Charles
121Absorption coefficient, 638 nmac6381/mTrees, Charles
122Absorption coefficient, 640 nmac6401/mTrees, Charles
123Absorption coefficient, 642 nmac6421/mTrees, Charles
124Absorption coefficient, 644 nmac6441/mTrees, Charles
125Absorption coefficient, 646 nmac6461/mTrees, Charles
126Absorption coefficient, 648 nmac6481/mTrees, Charles
127Absorption coefficient, 650 nmac6501/mTrees, Charles
128Absorption coefficient, 652 nmac6521/mTrees, Charles
129Absorption coefficient, 654 nmac6541/mTrees, Charles
130Absorption coefficient, 656 nmac6561/mTrees, Charles
131Absorption coefficient, 658 nmac6581/mTrees, Charles
132Absorption coefficient, 660 nmac6601/mTrees, Charles
133Absorption coefficient, 662 nmac6621/mTrees, Charles
134Absorption coefficient, 664 nmac6641/mTrees, Charles
135Absorption coefficient, 666 nmac6661/mTrees, Charles
136Absorption coefficient, 668 nmac6681/mTrees, Charles
137Absorption coefficient, 670 nmac6701/mTrees, Charles
138Absorption coefficient, 672 nmac6721/mTrees, Charles
139Absorption coefficient, 674 nmac6741/mTrees, Charles
140Absorption coefficient, 676 nmac6761/mTrees, Charles
141Absorption coefficient, 678 nmac6781/mTrees, Charles
142Absorption coefficient, 680 nmac6801/mTrees, Charles
143Absorption coefficient, 682 nmac6821/mTrees, Charles
144Absorption coefficient, 684 nmac6841/mTrees, Charles
145Absorption coefficient, 686 nmac6861/mTrees, Charles
146Absorption coefficient, 688 nmac6881/mTrees, Charles
147Absorption coefficient, 690 nmac6901/mTrees, Charles
148Absorption coefficient, 692 nmac6921/mTrees, Charles
149Absorption coefficient, 694 nmac6941/mTrees, Charles
150Absorption coefficient, 696 nmac6961/mTrees, Charles
151Absorption coefficient, 698 nmac6981/mTrees, Charles
152Absorption coefficient, 700 nmac7001/mTrees, Charles
153Absorption coefficient, 702 nmac7021/mTrees, Charles
154Absorption coefficient, 704 nmac7041/mTrees, Charles
155Absorption coefficient, 706 nmac7061/mTrees, Charles
156Absorption coefficient, 708 nmac7081/mTrees, Charles
157Absorption coefficient, 710 nmac7101/mTrees, Charles
158Absorption coefficient, 712 nmac7121/mTrees, Charles
159Absorption coefficient, 714 nmac7141/mTrees, Charles
160Absorption coefficient, 716 nmac7161/mTrees, Charles
161Absorption coefficient, 718 nmac7181/mTrees, Charles
162Absorption coefficient, 720 nmac7201/mTrees, Charles
163Absorption coefficient, 722 nmac7221/mTrees, Charles
164Absorption coefficient, 724 nmac7241/mTrees, Charles
165Absorption coefficient, 726 nmac7261/mTrees, Charles
166Absorption coefficient, 728 nmac7281/mTrees, Charles
167Absorption coefficient, 730 nmac7301/mTrees, Charles
168Absorption coefficient, 732 nmac7321/mTrees, Charles
169Absorption coefficient, 734 nmac7341/mTrees, Charles
170Absorption coefficient, 736 nmac7361/mTrees, Charles
171Absorption coefficient, 738 nmac7381/mTrees, Charles
172Absorption coefficient, 740 nmac7401/mTrees, Charles
173Absorption coefficient, 742 nmac7421/mTrees, Charles
174Absorption coefficient, 744 nmac7441/mTrees, Charles
175Absorption coefficient, 746 nmac7461/mTrees, Charles
176Absorption coefficient, 748 nmac7481/mTrees, Charles
177Absorption coefficient, 750 nmac7501/mTrees, Charles
1408 data points

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