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Hably, Lilla (2003): Oligocene macroflora of Nagybatony-Ujlak (Hungary). PANGAEA,

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Latitude: 47.360000 * Longitude: 19.060000
Nagybatony-Ujlak * Latitude: 47.360000 * Longitude: 19.060000 * Elevation: 100.0 m * Location: Hungary, Pest * Campaign: NECLIME_campaign * Method/Device: Quarry (QU)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
2Age, minimum/youngAge minkaHably, Lilla
3Age, maximum/oldAge maxkaHably, Lilla
4EpochEpochHably, Lilla
5StageStageHably, LillaCentral paratethys stages
6FormationFormationHably, Lilla
7Nannofossil zoneNannos zoneHably, Lilla
8Lithology/composition/faciesLithologyHably, Lilla
9EnvironmentEnvironmentHably, Lilla
10Ailanthus sp.Ailanthus sp.Hably, LillaFossil determination
11Calocedrus suleticensisC. suleticensisHably, LillaFossil determination
12Cedrelospermum aquenseC. aquenseHably, LillaFossil determination
13Cedrelospermum flicheiC. flicheiHably, LillaFossil determination
14Ceratozamia floersheimensisC. floersheimensisHably, LillaFossil determination
15Craigia bronniiC. bronniiHably, LillaFossil determination
16Daphnogene sp.Daphnogene sp.Hably, LillaFossil determination
17Doliostrobus certusD. certusHably, LillaFossil determination
18Engelhardtia orsbergensisE. orsbergensisHably, LillaFossil determination
19Eotrigonobalanus andreanszkyiE. andreanszkyiHably, LillaFossil determination
20Eotrigonobalanus furcinervisE. furcinervisHably, LillaFossil determination
21Hooleya hermisH. hermisHably, LillaFossil determination
22LauraceaeLauraceaeHably, LillaFossil determination
23Laurophyllum hradekenseL. hradekenseHably, LillaFossil determination
24LeguminosaeLeguminosaeHably, LillaFossil determination
25Matudaea menzeliiM. menzeliiHably, LillaFossil determination
26PalmaePalmaeHably, LillaFossil determination
27Platanus neptuniP. neptuniHably, LillaFossil determination
28Quercus lonchitisQ. lonchitisHably, LillaFossil determination
29Sloanea ellipticaS. ellipticaHably, LillaFossil determination
30Tetraclinis brachyodonT. brachyodonHably, LillaFossil determination
31Tetraclinis salicornioidesT. salicornioidesHably, LillaFossil determination
32Tetrapterys harpyiarumT. harpyiarumHably, LillaFossil determination
33Ziziphus ziziphoidesZ. ziziphoidesHably, LillaFossil determination
32 data points

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